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Completed in Year 2000

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2000: 

  • HF Interface Modem        
  • PC Based infra red remote control        
  • High Resolution Analog to Digital Conversion System        
  • Battery Charger        
  • Free Space point to point Optical Communication.        
  • Development of Digital Signal practicalExperiments using Matlab.        
  • Telephonic Control of Home Appliances        
  • Image Compression using Fractals         
  • Antenna Design  with MATLAB        
  • Electronic security system         
  • Intelligent Robotic Arm.        
  • Programming of PCI bus interface DSP TMS 320C50        
  • Miss Distance Indicator         
  • Multiplexing and de-multiplexing of speech channels and establishing a free space optical link between TX and RX        
  • Design and development a micro controller based signal processing and alarm monitoring unit.         
  • Design Fabrication and test of a Microstrip Patch Antenna.        
  • Implementation of V.21 Modem using TMS320C5X DSP.         
  • Caller Name Identifier.         
  • Speech Compression.        
  • Encrypted Data Transmission