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Completed in Year 1999

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 1999: 

  • Frequency shift keying modem (4800 BAUDST)        
  • 4 Speech channels PAM-IDM on fibre optic link.        
  • Extension of 2MB stream on RL421        
  • Design and development of UPS-500VA         
  • PC Based digital IC tester
  • 10HZ – 35MHz PC Based digital freq counter        
  • PC Based oscilloscope         
  • Design and dev of Radio LAN        
  • Full duplex video communication through optical fiber.         
  • Simulation of PCM-DPCM-LDM-ADM        
  • Power line data communication        
  • PC Based spectrum analyzer
  • Laser Link
  • Design simulation and testing of ANB-Bit processor using VHDL coding for CPLDs.        
  • Design of a PC based PABX with voice mail.        
  • To Design a video audio (TV) transmitter