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Completed in Year 1998

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 1998: 

  • DC motor controller        
  • Data acquisition systems        
  • AD PCM Emulato        
  • CAT and fault finding of radio set PRC-77        
  • Wireless computer interface.        
  • Design project FDM Multiplexer        
  • Computer based multimedia Video phone system.         
  • Microcontroller based single-board PABX        
  • Design project data comm thourgh AN/PRC-77        
  • Design and develop a speech vocoder sub-assembly for secure telephone        
  • Microcontroller  based spectrum analyzer with a  frequency of 1 to  20 KHz.         
  • To develop a FM Transmitter and Receiver capable of transmitting/ receiving a covert (spy) signal.         
  • EMC evaluation for conducted and radiated emission using HP-84110 EM system        
  • Voice scrambler         
  • Design and develop a single-board Computer        
  • To design and develop ISDN basic rate access on twisted pair