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Mr. Intisar Rizwan -i- Haque (on PhD studies abroad)
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Humayun Road, Rawalpindi
Tel :  


MS in Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Paksitan

I joined Department of Electrical Engineering back in Sept 2009 as a Lab Engineer immediately after graduation.  I initially worked as Assistant Training Officer for a period of two months and then for about three months I performed duties as Assistant Coordination Officer. In February 2010, I was assigned the responsibilities of Electronics Lab and Electrical Machine Lab. I continued working in this position till Sept 2012, when after completion of MS in Electrical Engineering, I was promoted to the post of Lecturer. In January 2013, I was given the additional appointment of Associate Head of Department of Electrical Engineering.

Prime Areas of research interests include:

  • EEG based Brain Computer Interface
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • IC based Electronic Design
  • Electronic Nose to imitate Human Sense of Smell
  • Consumer Electronics
  • FPGA Design

    1.    “Network Weight Adjustment in a Fractional Fourier Transform based Multi-Channel Brain Computer Interface for Person Authentication”, Intisar Rizwan-i-Haque; Muhammad Faisal Khan; Muhammad Saleem; Naveed Iqbal Rao; 11th International Conference on Information Science, Signal Processing and their Applications, ISSPA 2012, Canada.

    2.    "Towards a Brain Computer Interface using Wavelet Transform with Averaged and Time Segmented Adapted Wavelets", M. Bilal Khalid; Naveed Iqbal Rao; Intisar Rizwan-i-Haque; Sarmad Munir; Farhan Tahir; 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication, IEEE IC4 2009 Pakistan.

    3.    "A Brain Computer Interface (BCI) using Fractional Fourier Transform with Time Domain normalization and heuristic weight adjustment", M. Bilal Khalid; Naveed Iqbal Rao; Intisar Rizwan-i-Haque; Sarmad Munir; Farhan Tahir; 9th International Conference on Signal Processing, ICSP 2008 China.


    As a Lab Engr

    1. Electronic Circuits - I, Electronic Circuits - II and Integrated Circuits
    2. Introduction to Computing Fundamental
    3. Electrical Machines
    4. Applied Physics, DC Circuit Analysis, Linear Circuit Analysis
    5. Antenna & Wave Propagation
    6. Introduction to Microcontroller based Circuit Design (On Job Training during Summer for Officers)

    As a Lecturer

    1. Electronic Circuits - I
    2. Integrated Circuits
    3. Electrical Machines
    Worked as an Internee at Institute of Communication Technologies (ICT), a training institute of PTCL in Type Approval Lab and Cisco Networking Lab.