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Mr. Muhammad Khan Minhas
Department of Electrical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Humayun Road, Rawalpindi.
Tel :  03215817590(M)

Signal Processing, Telecomm Systems, Cryptology

MS (Electrical Engineering), Boston University, USA

​Served in Armed forces and managed telecommunication Systems (Satellite, Microwave, Optical fiber) of the Defence Forces (PASCOMS/ DEFCOMM). Based on field experience and the affiliation with NUST, served as faculty/HoD/Dean of Military College of Signals.​

​Research areas include:

  • Upgradation of Military Comm Systems 
  • Signal Processing 
  • Information Theory & Coding



    1. ​Linear Circuit Analysis
    2. Network Analysis
    3. Signals & Systems
    4. Digital Signal Processing
    5. Information Theory & Coding (MS level)
    6. Telecommunication Systems
  • ​Management of Defence forces Telecommunication Systems
  • Planning/ Installation of SDH optical system
  • Upgradation of Microwave Transmission Systems