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Military College of Signals  (MCS)
Dr. Abdul Rauf
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Humayun Road, Rawalpindi
Tel : +92 51 9272102

Telecommunication Engineering / Optical Communication

PhD (Telecomm Engineering / Optical Communication) from The University of Sheffield, UK

​Abdul Rauf graduated from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan in 1998 in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication). He subsequently received a MSc from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark in 2004 in Telecommunication Engineering. Following his MSc he has been lecturer at NUST. He joined NUST again in Sep 2011 after completing PhD from University of Sheffield, UK. The title of his Phd research project was "Optical health monitoring of composites using self-sensing E-glass fibre waveguides". ​​​​

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  • F.Ansari, M. Akhlaq and A. Rauf. 'Social networks and web security: Implications on open source intelligence'. in IEEE 2nd International Conference on Information Assurance (NCIA), 2013. 2013, 79-82.

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  • A. Rauf, R.J. Hand and S.A. Hayes, 'Optical self-sensing of impact damage in composites using E-glass cloth', Smart Mater. Struct., 21(4) (2012) 045021. [ISI indexed journal with 2012 Impact Factor 2.024]

  • T.J. Swait, A. Rauf, R. Grainger, P.S. Bailey, A.D. Lafferty, E.J. Fleet, R.J. Hand and S.A. Hayes, 'Smart composite materials for self-sensing and self-healing', Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 41(4-5) (2012) 215-224. [ISI indexed journal with 2012 Impact Factor 0.631]

  • A. Rauf, R.J. Hand and S.A. Hayes, Effect of different cladding materials on the optical transmission characteristics of reinforcing glass fibres in International Conference on Interfaces & Interphases in Multicomponent Materials (IIMM 2010). 2010: Sheffield, UK.

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  • A. Rauf, I. Rashid, A. Ahmed and F. Ahmed. 'Crosstalk Analysis in Planner Waveguide Couplers'. in IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies, 2006. ICET '06. 2006, 8-14. 
  • Optical Devices and Communication Systems
  • DC Circuits Analysis
  • Mobile Communication Systems
  • Digital Logic Fundamentals