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Cloud Based Unified Programming Framework

​Proposal Title:

Cloud Based Unified Programming Framework for Heterogeneous Devices  

Project Team:

  • Dr. Sarmad Sadik, PI
  • Dr. Zaki Murtaza, Co-PI
  • Dr. Naveed Iqbal, Co-PI
  • Status:

    Proposal under review in ICT R&D Fund

    Executive Summary:

    Cloud computing is rapidly gaining momentum in information and communication technology especially in the domain of distributed computing. Its potential will be truly utilized if cloud computation is mapped with mobile devices like Smart phones and tablets which have low memory and processing power as compared to demand of modern computation intensive applications. The proposal has two main phases, the first objective is to provide remote code compilation and execution facility especially for the academic community in Pakistan. The students who don’t have Visual studio.NET, Java JDK, CUDA and Matlab compilers on their personal computers, will open a normal web browser and access the unified framework web service. They will write their C++, C#, ASP.NET, Java, CUDA or Matlab code, compile it online and execute to see the results. The computation will be done at cloud servers of proposed framework especially created under this project and interface will also be available on android based mobile devices. The proposed system shall fulfill the legal requirement by working under multi-user license from relevant vendors. In the second phase, the prime objective is to create a middleware for a generic computation facility and accessible to all kind of users who want to run programs with complex algorithms which require higher processing and memory resources on their mobile devices. The examples include finding large prime numbers, execution of computation intensive image editing or video rendering on smart phones and tablets. The front end will be available on mobile devices through which users shall give the command and initiate the application. The middleware will execute the program at the back end cloud servers through calling procedures and passing necessary arguments. The results shall be displayed on mobile devices with an illusion of local execution and maintain a suitable transparency level. The proposed research will also enhance the potential and capability of light weight mobile devices with more convenience to users.