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Funded Projects:

  • An INTEgrated tool to paraLLelize and evaluate serial C code (INTELL)
  •          Project is funded by NUST (Rs 0.35M)
             Start Date: Sep, 2013)

    MSc Projects:

  • The text mining of bio-medical literature to connect Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) data  with genes/proteins
  •          (Started in Dec, 2011) in collaboration with Dr. Goran Nenadic (University of Manchester, UK)
             Members: Dr. Hammad Afzal {NUST}, Dr. Goran Nenadic { University of Manchester, UK}, Sheikh

              Zeshan  Javed  {NUST}


              Downloads: Metamap Term Organizer (For Windows)

  •  A framework/DaaS Layer for handling issues of interoperability and security in composition of Data and Web Services
  •           Members: Shoohira Aftab, Dr. Hammad Afzal

  • Sentiment Analysis for Social Network's data in Urdu
  •          Members: Iqra Javed, Dr. Hammad Afzal

  • A framework to cluster the structured data and recovery mechanism.
  •          Members: Amna Khalid, Dr. Hammad Afzal

  • MPJ-Express – Towards efficient Collective Communication operations
  •          Members: Maj Mansoor, Dr. Hammad Afzal

  • Urdu Sentiment Analysis
  •          Members: Dr. Seemab Latif

  • Content Aware Medical Support System
  •          Members: Dr. Seemab Latif.

  • Multiple Urdu Document Summarization
  •          Members: Dr. Seemab Latif

  • Urdu Web Crawler
  •          Members: Dr. Seemab Latif

    Completed Projects:

  • Creating an Infrastructure for Semantic Search of the Holy Quran
  •          Members: Tayyaba Mukhtar, Dr. Hammad Afzal {NUST}

  • Urdu Text Segmentation with an application to Summarization
  •          Members: Rabiya Rasheed, Dr. Seemab Latif

  • Mining Universities Network based on their combined research
  •          Members: Ozair Saleem, Dr. Seemab Latif

  • Linked Data for Government of Pakistan
  •          Members: Asma Sajid, Dr. Hammad Afzal

    Before 2010

  • Developing Semantic Networks of Related Bioinformatics e-Resources
  •          Members: Dr. Hammad Afzal {NUST}, Dr. Goran Nenadic, Dr. James Eales, Dr. Robert Stevens{Manchester}

  • Towards Literature based framework for semi-automation of semantic descriptions of e-Science resources
  •          Dr. Hammad Afzal 
             Worked in gnTEAM, Text Mining Group, University of Manchester, UK

  •  LexInfo
  •           Dr. Hammad Afzal Worked (in a team) in Unit of Natural Language Processing (UNLP) under supervision of Dr. Paul

              Buitelaar in Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), National University of Ireland, Galway

  •  Automatic Summarization as pre-proecessing for document clustering
  •           Dr. Seemab Latif

              Worked in gnTEAM, Text Mining Group, University of Manchester, UK