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Military College of Signals  (MCS)
Engr Dr Ahmed Muqeem Sheri
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Software Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Tel :  
Email : muqeem.sheri@gmail .com

Machine Learning/ Computer Sciences

PhD (Gwanju Institute of Science Technology) South Korea

Dr. Muqeem Sheri received his Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Software Engineering from Military College of Signals (MCS), Rawalpindi in 1999. He received his Masters’ Degree in Software Engineering/ Computer Sciences from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) 2007, and his PHD in Machine Learning/ Computer Sciences from Gwanju Institute of Science Technology, South Korea in 2014. Research of Dr. Muqeem Sheri is focused on Neuromorphic Devices and Agile Software Development. He is currently on ex-Pakistan leave for Post-doc studies.

  • Image Processing Centre Military College of Signals
    • Contrastive divergence for memristor-based restricted Boltzmann machine
    • Neuromorphic Character Recognition System With Two PCMO Memristors as a Synapse
    • RRAM-based synapse for neuromorphic system with pattern recognition function
    • Neuromorphic speech systems using advanced ReRAM-based synapse
    • Semi-Supervised Neural Classifier using Memristive Nanodevices
    • Adaptive Transliteration Based on Cross-Script Trie Generation: A Case of Roman-Urdu
  • Formal Mthods
  • Web Engineering
  • Data ware house developer 2001-2003 Avis New York USA
  • Program Coordinator/Network Administrator 2003-2005 Fatima Women University Rawalpindi
  • Lecturer 2008-2009 (MCS) NUST​