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Military College of Signals  (MCS)
IEEE Student Branch

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, abbreviated to IEEE, is a global community of engineers which inspires its members to become ambassadors of the leading technology and innovation. The organization is spread over 160 countries and has more than 420,000 members each striving at his level to contribute toward making the best use of the platform. The primary objective of IEEE is to staple the contributors together and supply knowledge to nurture the expertise in future leaders.

To ensure a continuous journey toward innovation, IEEE has been divided into regions, sections, and further into branches. Each chapter represents an institution, which acts as an advocate of IEEE, enabling the organization to reach out to millions of people across 160 countries and facilitate them with the knowledge of tomorrow. IEEE MCS Student branch falls under Islamabad section which works under region 10 (R-10) – Asia Pacific of IEEE International. The activities falling under the responsibilities of each branch include workshops, seminars, and various events whose comprehensive report goes to the pertinent section and hence IEEE International.

IEEE MCS Student Branch is fully functional, and it ranks among top ten highly active student branches.It organizes a variety of events under the banner of IEEE International, ranging from educational workshops to development, national conferences, competitions, seminars, and occasionally extra-curricular activities. IEEE MCS Student branch has been facilitating the community by leveraging the technology and relevant skills to enable its members to provide technological solutions to problems faced by the society – thus bringing innovation.