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MS Geotechnical Engineering
The new program in MS Geotechnical Engineering is closely aligned to the needs of prospective employers/ Geotechnical industry including NHA, NLC, FWO, governmental civil engineering related departments and other leading national and international geotechnical agencies and institutions. The course contents of newly introduced program have been designed by means of regular discussions with representatives (both private and public sectors) of the geotechnical industry. The aforementioned exercise also benefited the task 5 WP No.4-48th ACM-6th Mar 2017 group of this working paper in establishing the scope and objectives of the PG program, market needs and indeed the complete design of this program including the curriculum. The course will provide a comprehensive coverage of geotechnical systems planning, evaluation and management approach to students. Extensive use will be made of the local and international geotechnical projects in classroom examples, and project assignments to give an insight into industry challenges.


The programme is offered every fall of the year i.e. starts in August of each year. Admission process commences in the month of April. Details are provided here​.


In addition to standard eligibility criteria of NUST for its other MS programmes, the applicant must possess a Bachelors degree in Civil or equivalent Engineering degree from a PEC/ HEC recognized institution of Pakistan or abroad.​