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UAO and ILO office NUST holds Alumni talk series at MCE
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University Advancement Office and Industry Liaison Office NUST conducted an Open Talk session for students of MCE and CAE on April 27, 2017.  Speakers were invited from various organizations to share their experiences about the industry and job search process.  The speakers included, Mr Khalid Khan, Vice President of Shaheen International Airlines and a graduate from College of Aeronautical Engineering; Mr Zohair Fazil, Deputy Chief Palnning Commision, an MCE graduate; Ms Sarah Shahid Dir Business Planning and Analysis, Telenor, an NBS graduate; Mr Jibran Hashmi, CEO ENCON Grunelngenieure Pvt Ltd and MCE graduate and Mr Afzal Malik, CEO USEN and former director Pakistan Dragon Wave Incl an MCS graduate.  The speakers addressed 3rd and 4th year students from MCE and CAE.  They spoke of their experiences and about job market in general.  They guided the students about job search.  There was a long question answer session at the end in which the students asked questions.