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Inter NUST Football Championship
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1.       Sports as Muhammad Ali clay very beautifully said:-
                   FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY
                STING LIKE A BEE
                YOUR HANDS CAN’T HIT
                WHAT YOUR EYES CAN’T SEE
2.       This stanza explains the complete match spirit, the comradeship, the stamina and the dedications to one’s team. Games and sports are an important part of a human life, if he wants to have a sound mind; a sound body is a must.
3.       Like every year, this year keeping in mind the importance of sports and games, Inter NUST Football championship was held in Military College of Engineering Risalpur. All the constituent colleges of NUST participated with full zeal, determination dedication and self confidence, Exuberant and flamboyant of sportsmanship was displayed by all the participating teams and by seeing the matches one could feel the aura of a true sportsmanship.
4.       1st match was played between the teams of College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Army Medical College, out at which the team of Army Medical College stood victorious on penalties (4-2).
5.       2nd match was played between the teams of Military College of Engineering Risalpur and Headquarter NUST, out at which Headquarter NUST stood victorious by (1-0) 
6.       3rd  match was played b/w teams at Army Medical College and College of Aeronautical Engineering out of which College of Aeronautical Engineering stood victorious by (2 – 1).
7.       4th  match was played b/w teams of Headquarter NUST and Military College of Signals out of which Military College of Signals stood victorious by(2 – 0).
8.       5th  and final match was played b/w the winner teas of the last two matched which were MCS and CAE out of which the team of MCS has the honour of being victorious and champions of Inter NUST Football Championship 2013 by (5-4).

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