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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Bachelors in Electrical Engineering for Fall 2017 and Prior

 The Bachelors in Electrical Engineering program at College of E&ME has been attracting the best students from all over Pakistan for years. The program is run at the Department of Electrical Engineering, which is staffed by highly qualified faculty, holding Master and Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields. 

The program offers the most dynamic, up-to-date and highly challenging courses and electives at par with the best in any leading institute across the globe. Our undergraduate programme entails a broad-based course of study covering Electric Circuits, Power Systems, Analogue and Digital Electronics, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Microwave Engineering, Signal Processing, Communications, Control Theory, and Robotics. The curriculum also includes courses of engineering management and economics that acquaint the student with managerial skills and financial aspects of a project. 

The senior students do internship with reputed public and private sector enterprises. This internship exposes them to the production and management policies being implemented in these organizations. It also allows the students to gain practical experience in electrical engineering field and also provides opportunity for employment in organizations where they carry out this training. 

During the last two semesters, the students work on their final year project, where they are given the opportunity to put to practice their theoretical knowledge under guidance of their supervisors. The Department encourages academia-industry linkages and projects are undertaken in collaboration with industry. These projects, besides solving the industrial problem, expose student to an industrial environment and also improve their marketability. Similarly, projects of entrepreneurial nature are highly encouraged and our final-year students actively participate and compete in related events such as FICS and HULT Prize. 

The students are trained in the latest concepts of modern technology through extensive use of computers and advanced software packages. Textbooks are kept under constant review to ensure that the students remain abreast of the modern developments in theory and practice of Electrical Engineering.