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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering for Fall 2018 & Onward

Course Description

The programme aims to produce electrical engineers with sound theoretical foundation and hands-on experience of developing and designing circuits, systems and products. The programme places a special emphasis on “Learning by Doing” and the curriculum is supported by well-equipped undergraduate teaching laboratories and a strong emphasis is placed on laboratory work and class projects. This effort culminates in the final year project in which the students apply their knowledge and skills learnt during the course of their studies.

Associated Careers

Electrical engineering graduates are in demand in a number of industries such as communications (including broadcast communications, mobile communications), integrated circuit design,  instrumentation, bio-medical engineering, avionics, consumer electronics and computer networking, to name a few. Graduates can also pursue research, as MS & PhD students, or join industrial laboratories.