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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (YES)
4 Days
0800-1600 hrs
Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (YES)              
In today’s global economy, the business skills essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur are particularly advantageous to modern day engineers. College of EME breeds engineers equipped with all the skills and expertise needed for success in the ever-evolving fields of industry, commerce, technology as well as R&D.

The Young Entrepreneurs Symposium (YES) nurtured and polished entrepreneurial skills of its participants as well as provided a constructive platform for innovative ideas chipped in by young visionaries from all over the twin cities to generate viable businesses.

A total of ten teams in first ever organized Young Entrepreneurs Symposium participated and following five teams qualified for the final round.

1.  “Utility Area Location” by Asad Raza

2. “Homework Helps” by Rayyan Ansari

3. “USB Power Outlet” by Umer Huzaifa

4. “HAWx” by Hammad Akhtar

5. “GPS Guided System for the Blind” by Shahzaib Atif, Junaid Afzal, Mehreen Islam and Maryam Ahmed


YES arranged two workshops conducted by professionals:

1. Workshop on Windows Phone and Windows 8 Applications

2. Workshop on Business Development and Marketing Strategy

Guest Speakers:

“Best Startup Idea of the Year”
“GPS Guided System for the Blind” by Shahzaib Atif, Junaid Afzal, Mehreen Islam and Maryam Ahmed bagged the “Best Startup of the Year” award as well as the cash prize.
Discount Policy
Who Should Attend
​3rd Year and Final Year Students.
Department of Electrical Engineering NUST College of EME
Workshop Dates 
​22-25th March
Registration Start Date 
Registration End Date 

​1. Zubair Khan (CEO at Tranchulas)
“I just like to keep challenging myself”, says Zubair Khan. Zubair is founder and CEO of Tranchulas, a multinational information security company with offices in UK, USA and Pakistan. Known for his killer elevator pitches which helped him raise venture capital for Tranchula, he left the audience in awe as he told his story to success.

2. Ershian Anwar (CEO at Quadsource)
With a teaser video of his own company Quadsource,  Erishan Anwar explained to the audience his marketing strategy and what an entrepreneur really is.
3. Adnan Shahid (COO at Branding Bees and CEO Ideogeny)
His inspirational speech really made the attendees look inside themselves and find the spark.
A bit of wit and an eye opening speech, he did the job well enough.
4. Osama Shah (Community Speaker, Microsoft)
By profession he is a Data Warehouse Consultant working for Teradata with experience in. He is actively involved in Industry-Academia ventures for converting ideas into business. While addressing to the audience, he explained how the present companies communicate and enroll rather than command and control.
5. Dr Shoaib (Founder of Center For Advanced Studies In Engineering(CASE) and HOD DCE)
“The economic cycle goes like:
Innovation->Economic Growth->Human Capital->Repeat”
Pointing at the caliber of the students of Pakistan, Dr Shoaib gave some fine examples of how Pakistan is now competing with the technological super powers of the world.