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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Patents Awarded

​Sr No ​Patent Title ​Name ​Utility Patent ​Patent Status
​1. ​Mini Wheel for Mobile Robot ​Mr. Saheeb Ahmad Kayani ​Utility Patent            Awarded
​2. ​Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Apparatus ​Habib Ullah Bhatti ​Utility Patent Awarded
​3. Leather Shaving​ ​Mr. Saheeb Ahmad Kayani ​Industrial Design ​Awarded
​4. ​Leather Fleshing ​Mr. Saheeb Ahmad Kayani ​Industrial Design ​Awarded
5.​ ​Torque Asjustable Coupling for Hand Prosthesis Atta ul Wasay , Mohsin Tiwana, Javaid Iqbal and Nasir Rasheed​ ​Utility Patent Filed​
​6. ​Under Actuated Uni Motor Device Mechanism For Adaptive Grasp Upper Limb ​Atta ul Wasay , Mohsin Tiwana, Javaid Iqbal and Nasir Rasheed ​Utility Patent ​Filed
​7. ​Design of Biomimicking Tactile Sensors for Upper Limb Prosthesis ​Syed Khawar Hussain Shah, Mohsin Tiwana, and Javed Iqbal ​Utility Patent ​Filed
​8. ​Anttenna Rotation Compensation Method ​Numan Anwar Baig and Muhammad Bilal Malik ​Utility Patent ​Filed
​9. ​Induction Heating Coil for Leather Fleshing/Shaving Blade ​Mr. Saheeb Ahmad Kayani ​Industrial Design ​Awarded
​10. ​Appratus and system for Retinal Screening using Smartphone ​Dr. Muhammad Usman Akram ​Utility Patent ​Filed
​11. ​Upper Limb Myobionic Prosthesis ​Mustafa Aarsal Shahid ​Industrial Design ​Filed
​12. ​Top view with upper plate hidden and gripper close ​Saad Bin Obaid ​Industrial Design ​Filed
​13. ​Finger Reader ​Muhammad Danish Ashraf ​Utility Patent ​Filed
​14. ​Energy Metering ​Muhammad Usman Haider ​Utility Patent ​Filed
​15. ​EKKO ​Saad Bin Zahid ​Utility Patent Filed
​16. ​EPIC ​Ayub Jamal ​Utility Patent Filed
​17. ​Absolute Maneuverability Salkan Osamah​ ​Industrial Design Filed
​18. ​Prosthetic Hand ​Usman Ali Khan ​Industrial Design Filed
​19. ​Retinal Screening System using mobile terminal and method thereof ​NAM Yun Young , RHO Saung Min , M. Usman Ikram and Anam Yasir Kiyani ​Utility Patent Filed
​20. ​A Network on Chip Based Multiprocessor Architecture for implementing K menus Clustering Algoithum ​NAM Yun Young, Sajid Gul Khswaia, M. Usman Akram and Soaib Ahmad Khan ​Utility Patent Filed
​21. ​1 DOF upper limb Prosthetic Gripper ​M Saad Bin Ubaid ​Industrial Design ​Awarded
​22. ​6 DOF upper limb Prosthetic Gripper ​Mustafa Arsal Shahid ​Industrial Design ​Awarded