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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Student Thesis


Sr No        ​         

Name                          ​Thesis Title    
1​ ​Muhammad Arshad ​ Analysis national logistics corporation freight services unit and recommending methods to revive its performance
​2 ​​Ikram ul Haq Minhas  Cost management modeling of investment casting process
​3 ​Zahra Liaqat ​ Developing a generic service capacity model for health care services
​4 ​Hassan Shakil  ​Quality of service (QoS) & customer satisfaction in mobile telecommunication sector of Pakistan
​5 ​Tahir Iqbal  ​Analysis of existing quality assurance system of EME field workshops (EMER-H-410) and revise it on the bases of total quality
​6 ​Zaib Ullah Khan ​Analysis of existing quality assurance system of EME base workshops (EMER-II-109)and revise it on the bases of total quality management system philosophies
​7 ​Aamir Akram Kundi ​ Management framework for selection of
 clean technologies for power plants in
 Pakistan using world bank guidelines
​8 ​​Ibrar Hussain Malik Formulation of guidelines for managing
 production of digital maps for mobile
 telephone industry in Pakistan
​9 ​Muneeb Ali ​An Assessment of adequacy of performance
 management system in engineering services
 organizations of Pakistan
​10 ​Syed Furrukh Abbas ​Analysis of transfer of technology practices
 and devising a generic ToT model for a
 defense R&D organization
​11 ​Ayaz Ali ​Identification of barriers to market growth of
 Pakistan defense exports and suggested
 measure for the improvements
​12 ​Jamshaid Ikram ​Aspirations to become a world class university
 a case study on Nust and its future strategic
​13 ​Zulfikar Ali ​Effective and efficient management of oil
 import bill through production of biodiesel
​14 ​Hafiz Muhammad Nadir ​Analysis of delays and cost overrun in
 construction projects in Pakistan
​15 ​Atif Riaz Qureshi ​To investigate green practices and recommend
  framework for implementation in electronic
 products manufacturing to achieve green sustainability
​16 ​Hatif Junaid ​Critical analysis of Pakistan and foreign naval
 aviation maintenance policies and proposing the
 most appropriate one based on rational decision
 making techniques
​17 ​Shahid Pervaiz ​Analysing complaint handling system of military
 engineer services (MES) and recommending e
 measures to enhance its performance
​18 ​Faisal Siddique ​Development of a Decision Support System(DSS)
  to Optimize the Logistics Support (Spares Support)
 Requirements of Training Aircrafts
​19 ​Numera Tahir ​Development of a Decision Support System for
 Inventory Analysis and Control
​20 ​Muhammad Umer Arshad ​Assessment of Safety Practices in Construction
 Sector of Pakistan and Recommendations for
​21 ​Hina Aftab ​Estimation of Gray Traffic and Rationalization of
 Measures to Crab Illegal International  Telephony
  in Pakistan
​22 ​Muhammad Kamal Amjad ​Methodologies for Modeling and Analysis of
 Performance Measurement in Product Development
​23 ​Irfan Hameed ​Optimization of Supply Chain Management of
 Engineering Support (MT Spare Parts-B Vehicles)
 to Pakistan Army
​24 ​Amjad Saleem ​Improving Supply Chain Performance of Fast
 Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) A Case Study of
 Nestle Pakistan Limited
​25 ​Alam Zeb ​Design and Development of Protocols for a
 Manufacturing Cell of High Precision Product in a
 Job Shop Environment
​26 ​Ajmal Rafique ​Identification of Barriers Affecting University-Industry
 Linkage and Suggested Measures for its Improvement
​27 ​Mehwish Javeid ​Analysis of Existing Practices and Development of
 A Model to Improve Technical Employees Retention
 in R&D Public Sector Organizations
​28 Moin ud Din Qureshi ​ Energy Management of Residential Building Through
  Formulation of A Standard Energy Model House
​29 ​Mazhar Iqbal ​ Identification and Analysis of Impediments of 3rd
 Generation Telecommunication Technology to
 Develop Remedial Measures for its Early Development
 in Pakistan
​30 ​Muhammad Ahsan Rana ​Evaluation of Customer Services Quality Satisfaction
 and Development of Improvement Frame Work for
 Public Sector Equipment Repair and Maintenance
​31 ​Kifayat Ullah Khan ​Convergence of Telecom Technologies and Merger of
 Regulations (PTA,FAB,PEMRA) to Develop A Model
 for Pakistan
​32 ​Asad Hafeez ​Implementation of Taguchi's Robust Design
 Methodology to A Manufacturing Process: A case
​33 ​Sumera Batool

​Formulation of A Disaster Information Management System Framework for Pakistan-An ICT Approach 
 for  DSS

​34 ​Syed Navid Hasan Bokhari ​Economics of Hydrogen Compressed Natural Gas
 (HCNG)- A Way Forward
​35 ​Amir Arsalan Ali Khan ​Evolution of Cost Escalation in Construction of
 Pakistan and Recommending the Framework for
 Managing Construction Cost Escalation
36​ ​Asim Khan  ​Performance Evaluation of WAPDA/PEPCO after
 Restructuring  in Terms of Operational Efficiencies
 and In-efficiencies
​37 ​Mushtaq Ahmed
​Analysis of Technology Acquisition in Indigenous
Defense Production of Pakistan to Recommend
 Viable Strategy Framework
​38 ​Sohail Khan ​Application of Six Sigma Methodology for Analysis
 and Improvement of Quality Management  System
​389 ​Hammad Farooq ​To Study Supply Chain Management and Develop
 Solutions for Reduce the Supply Chain Cost of LPG
 Distribution in  Pakistan
​40 ​Raheela Shehzadi ​Achieving Customer Satisfaction Through Business
 Process Analysis-A comparison Among All Mobile
 Telecommunication Companies of Pakistan
​41 ​Qaiser Anees Khurram ​Critical Analysis of Existing Public Transport System
 and Development of Future Model on Modern Lines for
 Major Cities of Pakistan
​42 ​Muhammad Shakil
​Critical Analysis of ITD system in the Light of Fast
 Changing Technological Scenario, To Suggest an
 Efficient Frame Work for Achieving Highest Quality
 Standards in the Procurements.
​43 ​Shahzad Naeem ​Management of Organizational Changes in the Corps
 of EME for Efficient and Effective Support to
 Pakistan Army (Employment and Development
​44 ​Malloof ud Dian  ​Analysis of Project Implementation of Transport
 Infrastructure and Development of an Efficient
 Framework for Azad Jammu and Kashmir
​45 ​Syed Tabbasim Raza Kazmi ​Disaster Mgmt at National Level and Evaluation of
 Role of Pakistan Army
​46 ​Kashif Mehmood ​Analysis of Causes of Success and Failure of Post
 Disaster Reconstruction Projects During Execution
 Phase in Earthquake Affected Areas of Pakistan
​47 ​Muhammad Salman Khan ​An Empirical Study of Critical Success Factors for
 Software Projects in Pakistan.
​48 ​Samara Sartaj ​Economics of Active Network Sharing- A Case Study
  of Pakistan's Mobile Telecom Sector
​49 ​Usman Raoof ​Application of Lean Principles and Value Stream
 Mapping for Waste Reduction in Auto Parts
 Manufacturing Flow -- A case Study
​50 ​Maryam Shabbir ​Analysis of Occupational Burnout Among IT
  Professionals in Public and Private Sector of
  Pakistan and Development of Stress Detection and
  Intervention Software
​51 ​M Tuoqeer Anwar ​Assessment of Existing Facilities and Feasibility for
 Establishing A National Centre for Composite Material
 in Pakistan
52 ​Waqar Saleem ​Analysing the Current Status of Technology Diffusion
 in Livestock Sector of Pakistan and Developing a
 Framework to Accelerate this Process
​53 ​Waqas Javed ​Development of Risk Assessment and Management
 Model for Construction of Dams
​54 ​Asma Sanaullah ​Development of A Strategic Framework for the
 Protection of Customer Privacy in Cellular
​55 ​Muhammad Shahid Ishaque ​Analysis of Influence of PMO  Maturity on Telecom
 Business Success and Development of A Roadmap for
 its Successful Realization in Pakistan
​56 ​Adnan Ayubi Butt ​Identification and Analysis of Key Determinants
 (Factors) Causing Customer Churn (turn over) Among
 PTCL's Domestic Customers and Develop Measures
 as A Framework for Their Retention
​57 ​Aisha Abbas ​An Assessment of Design Process and Competency
 Requirements of Design Engineers in Pakistan and
 Development of A Framework for Improvement
​58 ​Fayyas Ahmed ​To Analyze the Lead Time Reduction by the
 Application of Value Stream Mapping and to Develop
 an implementation Approach for the Apparel Industry
 of Pakistan
​59 ​Anum Zaheer ​Assessment of Knowledge Management Implementation
 in Telecommunication Organisation of Pakistan
​60 ​Irfan Ghalib ​Business Process Re-Design: An Effective Solution
 to the Diminishing Competitiveness of Public Sector
 Industrial Organizations in Pakistan
​61 ​Haneen Saif ​To Stydy the Factors that Affect the Safety Culture
 of the Manufacturing Industry of Pakistan and Develop
 a Framework to Strengthen the Safety  Culture.
​62 ​Neeha Farooq ​Evaluating the Effectiveness of Community Based
 Micro Hydropower for Rural Electrification. Case
 Study: Neeum Valley
​63 ​Muhammad Waqas Yaqub ​The Impacts of Technology on Employment
 Opportunities, Labor skills and Unemployment rate
 in Pakistan
​64 ​Anees Akbar ​Identification of Key Extrinsic Motivational Factors 
 having Impact Learning among students Pursuing
 Higher Technical Education and Development of a
 Strategic Frame work for its Implementation
​65 ​Muhammad Muddasir ul Hasan ​Effect of Transformational Leadership in Transformation
 of Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan into
 Learning Organization
​66 ​Nasir Mehmood ​The Impacts of Technology as Knowledge Management
 in Improving the Learning process in Higher Education
  Institutions of Pakistan to Transform them into a
 Learning Organization
67 ​Tariq Mehmood ​Evaluation of Faculty Involvement in E-Learning at
 Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan
​68 ​Waqas Siddique ​Root cause analysis of project failure and development
 of a model to determine critical success factors in
 Public Sector organizations of Pakistan
​69 ​Isra Ghani ​Formulation of a  Framework for Effective Management
 of Diversified workforce in Defense sector organization
 of Pakistan
​70 ​Aakif Iqbal ​Performance Evaluation of Broadband technologies in
 Pakistan based on critical success factors
​71 ​Ahsan Iqbal Shah ​Framework development for an integrated performance
 measurement system
​72 ​Khurram Rehmani ​Development of the optimum spare parts management
 strategy for optimization of logistic (spares parts)
 requirement of radars held in Pakistan
​73 ​Ahmad Umar Rafiq ​A study to explore the factors involve in failure of IT
 projects in Pakistan
​74 ​Humayum Sattar ​Scope of blue ocean strategy for value innovation/
 addition in engineering education
​75 ​Rana M Awais Qamar ​Improving public sector health care organizations by
 implementation lean concept in Pakistan
​76 ​Waqas Mahmood Qureshi ​3G in Pakistan: Consumer's Perspective(mobile
 handset & data market analysis)
​77 ​Ahsan Raza ​Feasibility Study for 3G deployment in Pakistan
​78 ​Ameer Ahmed ​The impact of career self management on employees
 organizational commitment in the banking sector of
​79 ​Fawad Sadiq ​Technology implementation at value chain level and
 its impact on competitiveness of a service sector
​80 ​Jawad Shahid ​Assessment of existing Hydropower potential &
 identification of critical factors causing underutilization
 of resources
​81 ​Hafiz Tahir Mahmood ​Development of framework for implementation of electronic supply chain.​