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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Lab Facilities

​DSS Lab

The Decision Support Systems Laboratory (DSS Lab) was established to facilitate the post graduate students of engineering management. It is a dedicated lab and its primary purpose is to equip the students of this program with the latest tools and techniques including professional software related to different areas/fields of engineering management. The software being installed in DSS facility shall be used by the students for practice, examination, thesis/ projects and data/report analysis in different fields of engineering management. Moreover graded exercises can be carried out in which data of production, quality, costing, planning and scheduling is provided/generated and the students are required to make simulations (in order to make informed decisions) based on the given data. Such exercises are essential and significant from an industrial and professional perspective. Furthermore, hard and soft copies of research thesis, submitted by graduating students of engineering management are readily available for reference of potential research students.

Below is a generic list of the software; categorized based on different fields, being made available in the DSS lab for use by students.

1. Computer Software for Forecasting

  •  Forecast Pro
  •  AFS
  •  tsMetrix
  •  SAS
  •  SPSS
  •  SAP
  •  POM

2. Computer Software used for Analyzing Layouts

  •  ALDEP
  •  CRAFT

3. Computer Software used for Inventory Planning/Management 

  •  SKEP
  •  Glovia
  •  Macola
  •  SAP
  •  Baan

4. Enterprise Resources Planning

  •  SAP’s R/3
  •  ERP
  •  Bann
  •  PeopleSoft

5. Computerized Scheduling Systems

  •  WinMagi
  •  Macola
  •  ERP
  •  SAP’s R/3
  •  Bann 
  •  PeopleSoft
  •  Order Links

6. Computer Software for Project Management

  •  Microsoft Project
  •  Mac Project
  •  Pert Chart Expert
  •  Power Project
  •  Primavera Project Planner (P3) for Windows
  •  Project Scheduler
  •  Project Workbench
  •  Super Project,
  •  Turbo Project
  •  VX-I Project Management Simulator