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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Student Final Year Projects - 2014

   1. Design, Implementation and Flight test of navigation and control system for a quad rotor UAV

Group Members:

  • NS Ali Mushtaq
  • NS Ahmed Ayyoob
  • NS Taimoor Ijaz
  • NS Waleed Shahid
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Fahad Mumtaz Malik​

S No



Project Supervisor

1 Real-time Fleet Tracking and Monitoring System NS Ahmed Riaz Khan
PC Muhammad Usman
GC Shahzad Malik
Lecturer Qasim Umar Khan
Dr Muhammad Salman
Asst Prof M. Mustafa Masud
2 Explosive Detecting Smart Hovercraft GC Ahmed Sohair Khan Lecturer Qasim Umer Khan
Dr Muhammad Salman
GC Hammad ul Hassan
GC Ahmed Mehmood
GC Syed Hamza Munir Shah
3 Embedded Video Streaming and Imaging in SDR  NS Areej Ahmad
NS Asma Aziz
NS Maryum Ahmad
NS Mehreen Islam
Lecturer Kamran Aziz
Dr Shoab A Khan
4 Embedded System Implementation of Detection of Strabismus of Eye from Hess Chart using Image Processing Techniques NS Muhammad Rehan Abbasi
NS Muhammad Faisal Khan
NS Muhammad Asim Iqbal
GC Waleed Nisar
Lecturer Kamran Aziz
Dr Shoab A Khan
5 Design of an Eye Controlled Mouse and an Eye Tracking Device with User Interface NS Syed Haider Ali Kazmi Dr Muhammad Salman
Dr Shoab A Khan
6 Control and Actuation of a Multi-Agent Intelligent Electro-Mechanical System (MIEMS) PC Awais Amin
NS Meysem Tamaar Malik
NS Maaz bin Shahbaz
NS Abdul Moeed Saleem
Dr Muhammad Salman
Dr Shoab A Khan
7 Electric Wheel Chair Controlled by Eye Gaze and Blinking NS Warda Shafiq  Lecturer Kamran Aziz
Dr Shahzad Amin Sheikh
PC Ali Rizwan
PC Sadaf Ghulam
NS Armughan Ahmad
8 Low Phase Noise Oscillator NS Muhammad Asad ullah Dr Mujeeb Bin Ihsan
NS Muhammad Hammad Akhtar
NS Muhammad Hamzah Shafiq
Syed Saad Mohsin
9 Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) NS Haris Aziz Asst Prof Taosif Iqbal
NS Junaid Afzal
PC Ali Tausif
10 Real time Detection,
Tracking and Classification of Human Beings using BeagleBoard xM
NS Zofishan Saleem Lecturer Kamran Aziz
Dr Shoab A Khan
NS Muneeba Fatima
NS Hina Tanvir
11 Design, Fabrication and Feedback Control of a Gyro Stabilized Two Degree of Freedom Platform with Surveillance Capabilities NS Muhammad Ussama bin Sajid Dr Fahad Mumtaz Malik
Dr Shahzad Amin Sheikh
PC Saima Tariq
NS Muhammad Hassan Zia
NS Saad Iftikhar
12 System Identification and Control Design of a Magnetic Levitation System NS Muhammad Sarmad Dr Fahad Mumtaz Malik
NS Salman Ahmed
NS Mamoona Birkhez Shami
NS Taha Hamid
13 Research on Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Development of an Efficient Control System NS Hassan Iftikhar
NS Bismillah Nasir Ishfaq
NS Muhammad Haris bin Abdul Jabbar
GC Inam Ullah Fazli
Dr Fahad Mumtaz Malik
14 Attitude and Heading Reference System NS Munhal Imran
NS Umm-e-Aimen
NS Moeez Aslam
NS Muhammad Hamza Hashmi
Dr Muhammad Salman
Dr Fahad Mumtaz Malik
15 Flight Stabilization and Way point
Navigation of Quadcopter
NS Ahdab Shafiq Dr Fahad Mumtaz Malik
NS Hammad Nadeem
PC Rao Abdul Raffay
PC Omair Khalid
16 Arbitrary Waveform Generator PC Zahra Ejaz
NS Monazza Qadeer
PC Rabia Andleeb
Dr Muhammad Salman
17 Three Stage Lead Acid Battery Charger with Temperature Compensation GC Armughan Ubaid Dr Usman Ali
Dr Muhammad Salman
GC Zain ul Abidin
18 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in Solar Panels PC Mohsin Altaf Dr Usman Ali
Dr Muhammad Salman
PC Ammar Abdullah
PC Zohair Fakhar
19 Design and Implementation of Induction Heater GC Hassaan Khalid
GC Salman Asif Cheema
Dr Muhammad Salman
20 Solar Grid Tied Inverter with MPPT Control NS Uzair Nadeem Dr Hamood ur Rahman
Asst Prof Taosif Iqbal
NS Hassan Touqeer
NS Rizwan Ahmed
NS Muhammad Shahzaib Atif

  Student Final Year Projects - 2013

2. Eye-Tracking device for human computer interaction

Group Members:
  • NS Hasan Javed 
  • Ansar Mahmood
  • Syed M.Mehdi
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Lec Kamran Aziz Bhatti

3. Real – Time Localization of Sound Source using an arrary of Accoustic Sensors. 
Group Members:
  • NS Sana Mazahir
  • NS Anika Sadiq
  • PC Amina Khalid
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Salman

4. Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Tri Copter  
Group Members:
  • M.Bilal Ayub
  • M.Bilal Khan 
  • Rabiya Zaigham
  • Hira Shehzadi
​Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Lec Qasim Umar Khan

5. Design and implementation of FPGA Based Real-Time Signal Analyzer 
Group Members:
  • NS Hussam Mehboob
  • NS Usman Arshad
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Salman

6. Control and Stabilization of a Wireless Surveillance Camera-Mounted on a Tri-Copter
Group Members:
  •  NS Abdul Rafey Aftab
  • NS Saad Mansoor
  • NS Amber Ghauri
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Lec Qasim Umar Khan

7. Speaker based Speech Recognition Implementation on DSP C6713
Group Members:
  • NS Maeira Imtiaz
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Lec Kamran Aziz Bhatti / Dr. Shoab A. Khan

8. A Cost Effective Design for a Pure Sine Wave Inverter Using a Silicon Steel Core Transformer
Group Members:
  • NS Hassan Sadiq
  • NS M.Javed
  • Hafiz Yasir Mahmood
  • Eshan ul Haq Bhatti

Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr Usman Ali

9. Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Group Members:
  • NS M.Tariq
  • Ahmed Saleem
  • PC Haris Jamil
  • Imran Haider
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Salman

10. Wireles Power transmission through Microwaves
Group Members:
  • NS M.Afnan
  • PC Ghufran Haider
  • PC Hamza Naveed
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Prof Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan / Asst Prof Zubair Ahmed / Asst Porf M.Anis Ch.

11. Design and Implementation Digital Transceivers on FPGA
Group Members:
  • NS M. Umer
  • NS Bilal Ahmed Bhatti
  • NS Waqar Ahmed

Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr Muhammad Usman / Dr. Muhammad Salman

12. Digital PID Controller for Industrial Applications
Group Members:
  •  NS Arish Imtiaz
  • NS M.Asim Zeb
  • NS Junaid r Rehman
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Asst Prof Taosif Iqbal

13. Inertial Navigation System (INS) Based solution for Navigation of Moving Objects
Group Members:
  •  NS Jamal Ahmed
  • NS M.Salman Zubair
  • NS Jawad Ijaz
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Salman / Dr. Fahad Mumtaz

14. Design, Analysis and Fabrication of A Snake-Inspired Robot
Group Members:
  • NS M.Harris Fayyaz
  • NS M.Adnan
  • NS Ali Moaaz
  • NS Mavia Rafique
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Fahad Mumtaz

15. Multi-Agent Intelligent Electro-Mechanical Systems MIEMS (Electromechanical Actuation of Autonomous Robots)
Group Members:
  • NS NS Ghina Zia
  • PC Mahmood Azhar Qureshi
  • NS Zain Imran
  • NS PC Jahanzaib Sohail
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Salman / Dr. Shoab A. Khan

16. Design and Implementation of Wireless Turret Control
Group Members:
  • NS Mujtaba Hassan Raza
  • Syed Auon Abbass Bukhari
  • Syed Waqas Ahmed Razzi
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr.Fahad Mumtaz

17. Wireless Power Transfer using Microwave Technology
Group Members:
  • PC Atif Yousafzai
  • PC Bilal Tariq
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Asst Prof Anis Ch.

18. Water Monitoring and Management Systems
Group Members:
  • GC USman Ghani
  • GC Sahibzada Danyal 
  • GC Asim Khan
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Salman

19. Prototype of Multiple Channel Holter Moniter for ECG/EKG Monitoring
Group Members:
  • GC M.Kamran Ayub
  • GC Shaheryar Khan
  • GC Uzair Tahir
  • GC Asad Mukhtar
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr. Tahir Zaidi

20. Control Strategy for Powered Ankle-Foot Prostheses
Group Members:
  • NS Hassam Masood
  • NS Israr Hussain
  • NSQamar Zahoor
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Asst Porf Taosif Iqbal

21. Design and Implementation of an M2M framework with an API over GPRS/3G with a lie patient monitoring application
Group Members:
  • Asad Naeem
  • Saad Bin Tariq
  • Majid Iqbal
  • Jawad Javaid
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr.Hamood Ur Rahman

22. Real time detection, tracking and classification using thermal camera on the DSP processor of Beagle board XM
Group Members:
  • NS Zubia Mumtaz
  • NS Nimrah Shakee
  • NS Yumna Abbasi
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Lec Kamran Aziz Bhatti / Dr. Shoab A. Khan

23. Motor Control Using Neuro Signal Processing (EEG)
Group Members:
  • Ali Raza Qqureshi
  • Mohid Nabil
  • Salman Khan
  • Syed Danish Ali
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Lec Kamran Aziz Bhatti

24. Design and Implementation of Grid Tie Solar PV System with MPPT Controller and Battery Back-UP
Group Members:
  • NS Nida Ishtiaq
  • NS Mahin Akhtar
  • NS Syed Ali Hasnain
  • NS Bilal Ashraf
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr.Hamood Ur Rahman

25. Design and Control of a 12 Dof-Automated Walker
Group Members:
  • NS Awais Ashfaq
  • NS Zaidahsan Shah
  • NS Zeeshan Naeem
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr.Fahad Mumtaz Malik

26. Design and Implementation of AUTOPILOT for UAV
Group Members:
  • NS Auraibzahid
  • NS Sufyan Aghar
  • NS Rayyan Ahmed Khan
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Dr.Fahad Mumtaz Malik

27. WiFi Home Automation
Group Members:
  • Farhan Ahmed
  • Sarfraz Riaz
  • Usman Alam
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Lec Kamran Aziz

28. Wireless Power Transmission using Resonance Coupling
Group Members:
  •  Muhammad Saeed
  • Rohail Shabir
  • Abubakar Naseer
Supervisor/Co-Supervisor: Asst Porf Taosif Iqbal