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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Semiconductor Electronics and Optics (SEO) Research Group


The Semiconductor Electronics and Optics (SEO) research group at Department of Electrical Engineering, NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering is focused on the design, simulation, fabrication and testing of novel semiconductor devices. The group comprises of four PhD qualified researchers, who have expertise in various areas related to semiconductors. The group is actively working on a number of projects and many students have already completed their MS theses work in connection with these projects.

​Name ​Role ​Research Area
​Prof. Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan ​Head ​Microwave Engineering, Antenna Design, Semiconductors ​
​Prof. Dr. Syed M. Tahir Zaidi ​Associate Head ​Associate Head    Nanotechnology, Solid state electronics, Thin film processing, Biomedical Engineering ​
​Dr. Mashood Ahmed ​Member ​Quantum Optics
​Dr. Saifullah Awan ​Member ​Solid State Electronics

Publications: (Journal Papers)

1.    A Ahmad, MM Riaz, A Ghafoor, T Zaidi, “Noise Resistant Fusion for Multi-Exposure Sensors”, IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 16, no. 13, 2016.

2.    T Ejaz, H Ur Rahman, T Tauqeer, A Masood, T Zaidi, “Shield optimization and formulation of regression equations for split-ring resonator”, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2016.

3.    A Ahmad, S Ahmad, H Khurshid, MM Riaz, A Ghafoor, T Zaidi, “Fusion of multi-focus images with registration inaccuracies”, Signal, Image and Video Processing, 2016.

4.    T Ejaz, HU Rahman, T Zaidi, T Tauqeer, SAA Shah, “Analysis, simulation, and experimental verification of split‐ring resonator”, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 57 (10), 2358-2363, 2015.

5.    T Ejaz, HU Rahman, SAA Shah, T Zaidi, “A comparative analysis of split-ring resonator models”, 2015.

6.    S Hussain, G Ali, H Mehmood, M Omar, T Zaidi, “Theoretical studies of InGaN/GaN multiple junction solar cell with enhanced tunneling junction diode”, Advanced Materials Research 895, 535-538, 2014.

Publications: (Conference Papers)

1.    Touseef Hayat, Tahir Ejaz, Muhammad Naveed, Tahir Zaidi, Hamood Ur Rahman, “Simulation Based Comparative Analysis of Split Resonators for Compositional Analysis”, The Fourth International Conference on Technological Advances in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (TAEECE2016), 2016.


•    Controlled Synthesis Of Two-Dimensional Nanosheets and Multilayer For Electronic Devices

•    Designing of un-cooled IR Field Plane Array (IRFPA) sensor to facilitate the microelectronic industry.

•    Designing & fabrication of thin film solar cell.

•    Design and development of Piezoelectric Sensor

 Research Facilities:

•    TCAD software is available at the Department of Electrical Engineering, NUST College of E&ME for the designing and simulation of semiconductor devices. Fabrication and testing facility is available with National Institute of Lasers and Optronics, Islamabad, (NILOP).


•    National Institute of Lasers and Optronics, Islamabad, (NILOP)

​Role ​Research Intrest
​Engr. Malik Ghulam Qasim ​Graduate Researcher Vibrational Energy Harvester​
​Engr. Amna Riaz ​Graduate Researcher ​RF MEMS

Contact Person:

Prof. Dr. Syed M. Tahir Zaidi,

Associate Head, SEO Research Group,