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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Embedded Systems Lab

This single lab covers Digital Logic basics, Digital Systems Design and Digital Signal Processing applications. The scope of experiments starts from the very basic digital concepts and reaches advanced digital systems. The lab is based on Xilinx FPGAs (Spartan III & Vertex II P) with Verilog as the HDL. PICOBLAZE / MICROBLAZE / POWER PC are the embedded processors taught in advanced courses in this lab. The same setup also serves as an R&D lab for graduate s​tudents conducting research in digital design and embedding of DSP / Image Processing / Communication Systems algorithms.

Each workstation is equipped with:

Digital Oscilloscope

Function Generator

2x DC Power Supply

Digital Multi-meter

Dell Core-i5 PC


Kits available for lab experiments are:

Microchip PIC development kits

Xilinx FPGA development  boards

Texas Instruments DSP development kits

 The lab store is also equipped with discrete electrical components (Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Semiconductors etc).