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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Dr Sajid Gul Khawaja
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer & Software Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi
Tel : +(92)-51-9278050-4124

Digital System Design

PhD (Computer Engineering), Pakistan

Dr. Sajid Gul Khawaja is serving as Assistant Professor at College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan. He Holds a PhD degree in Computer Engineering with specialization in system/parallel architecture design. His research include image/signal processing, digital system design and pattern recognition. Dr Sajid is an active member of community service in College of EME, he has been Officer-in-Charge of NUST Volunteers Club (now named Society for promotion of Community Service and Media) since 2012. Under his supervision students of CEME have played an active role in fulfilling their civic duty. Moreover, Dr Sajid is also among the co-founders of Emerging Technologies Lab (ETL) at CEME, which provides a platform for students for mentoring, skill development via workshops and internship. Finally, Dr. Sajid is also co-founder of Research and Innovation in Sciences, Engineering and Technology (RISETech,


Digital System and Architecture Design

Signal Processing and analysis

Funded Projects:

•    Grant of Rs 10.986 M from HEC-TDF for project “EPIC-A Wearable Epilepsy Monitoring Device”

•    Grant of Rs 77000/- for “HearSmart” from ICT R&D under the scheme of grass root projects

•    Grant of Rs 69000/- for “Real Time On Board Diagnostic System” from ICT R&D under the scheme of grass root projects

•    Grant of Rs 80000/- for “i-School (Intelligent School)” from ICT R&D under the scheme of grass root projects



1.    Retinal Screening System using mobile terminal and method thereof, Ref. No. P17217, Korean IPO

2.    A Network-On-Chip based Multiprocessor Architecture for implementing K-means clustering algorithm, Ref. No. P17183, Korean IPO

3.    Apparatus and System for Retinal Screening using Smartphone, Ref. No. 234/2018, Pakistan IPO

Journal Papers:

1.    Sajid Gul Khawaja, M. Hamza Mushtaq, Shoab A. Khan, M. Usman Akram and Habib ullah Jamal. "Designing Area Optimized Application- Specific Network-On-Chip Architectures while Providing Hard QoS Guarantees". PloS one, 10(4), e0125230, 2015

2.    Sajid Gul Khawaja, M. Usman Akram, Shoab A. Khan, Arsalan Shaukat and Saad Rehman, "Network-on-Chip based MPSoC Architecture for K-Mean Clustering Algorithm". Microprocessors and Microsystems (Elsevier), 2016,

3.    Amna Tehreem, Sajid Gul Khawaja, Asad Mansoor, M. Usman Akram and Shoab A. Khan, “Multiprocessor architecture for real-time applications using mean shift clustering”, J Real-Time Image Proc (2017)

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5.    Hassan, T., Akram, M. U., Shaukat, A., Khawaja, S. G., & Hassan, B. (2018). Structure tensor graph searches based fully automated grading and 3D profiling of maculopathy from retinal OCT images. IEEE Access.

6.    Ramzan, A., Akram, M. U., Shaukat, A., Khawaja, S. G., Yasin, U. U., & Butt, W. H. (2018). Automated Glaucoma Detection using Retinal Layers Segmentation and Optic Cup to Disc Ratio in OCT Images. IET Image Processing.

7.    Akram, M. U., Shaukat, A., Hussain, F., Khawaja, S. G., & Butt, W. H. (2018). Analysis of PCG signals using quality assessment and homomorphic filters for localization and classification of heart sounds. Computer methods and programs in biomedicine, 164, 143-157.

8.    Sajid Gul Khawaja, Mian Hamza Mushtaq and Dr. Shoab Ahmed Khan, “Prioritized Direction based Switch for Bufferless Network on Chip Architecture”.

Conference Papers:

1.    Khan, Asad Mansoor, Muhammad Usman Akram, Sajid Gul Khawaja, and Ali Saeed Khan. "A Machine Learning Technique to Classify LSST Observed Astronomical Objects Based on Photometric Data." In 2019 6th Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS), pp. 46-50. IEEE, 2019.

2.    Rashid, Rabia, Sajid Gul Khawaja, Muhammad Usman Akram, and Asad Mansoor Khan. "Hybrid RID Network for Efficient Diagnosis of Tuberculosis from Chest X-rays." In 2018 9th Cairo International Biomedical Engineering Conference (CIBEC), pp. 167-170. IEEE, 2018.

3.    Ammar, Muhammad, Sajid Gul Khawaja, Abeera Atif, Muhammad Usman Akram, and Muntaha Sakeena. "Learning Based Segmentation of Skin Lesion from Dermoscopic Images." In 2018 IEEE 20th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom), pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2018.

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DESIGNATION​ ​FROM​ TO​​ University / Institute​​
​Assistant Prof. ​Jan 2014 ​Date ​NUST College of EME
Lecturer ​Sep 2011 ​Jan 2014 ​​NUST College of EME
Lab Engineer Sep 2009 Sep 2011 ​​NUST College of EME


EC-422 Digital Communications
EC-121 Computer Fundamentals
​EC-350 Artificial Intelligence
​EC-410 Digital System Design
​​EC-310 Microprocessor based Design​​
​EC-311​ Digital Signal Processing
​CE-825 ​Advanced Digital System Design