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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)


The specific Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) that we look for in our graduates are:

 PEO 1.             

Professional Employment: Graduates will be successful in the professional practice of computer engineering and related fields. They:

  1. ​will obtain employment in fields appropriate to their educations,
  2. will be entrepreneurs,
  3. will explore less traditional career paths e.g., business, law, medicine, public policy, etc.

PEO 2.             

Professional Competence: Graduates who are e­mployed within engineering fields will demonstrate technical competence, such as identifying, formulating, analysing, and creating engineering solutions using appropriate current engineering techniques, skills, and tools.

PEO 3.             

Professional Learning: Graduates will engage in life-long learning i.e.,

  1. advanced education/degrees,
  2. professional development activities (e.g., informal interactions with colleagues, formal conferences, workshops, short courses, etc.),
  3. updating and adapting their core knowledge and abilities to compete in the ever changing global enterprise,
  4. developing new knowledge and skills to pursue new career opportunities.

PEO 4.             

Professional Engagement: As appropriate to their professional or educational positions, graduates will:

  1. effectively communicate technical information in multiple formats,
  2. function effectively on teams,
  3. follow the principles of professional ethics, and
  4. develop and apply computer engineering solutions within global, societal, and environmental contexts.