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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Dr. Anwar Hussain
Assistant Professor
Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Peshawar Road Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Tel : +92-51-9247550-4008

Fluid Mechanics

Ph.D. (Maths), QAU Pakistan


           1  S. Nadeem, Anwar Hussain, M. Y. Malik, T. Hayat, Series solutions for the stagnation flow of a second-grade fluid over a shrinking sheet, Applied Mathematics and                      Mechanics (English Edition), 30(10), 1255–1262 (2009). Impact Factor 0.393

             2. S. Nadeem, Anwar Hussain , MHD flow of a viscous fluid on a nonlinear porous shrinking sheet with homotopy analysis method, Applied Mathematics and                                Mechanics (English Edition), 30(12), 1569–1578 (2009). Impact Factor 0.393

             3.  Safia Akram, Sohail Nadeem  and Anwar Hussain, Partial Slip Consequences on Peristaltic Transport of Williamson Fluid in an Asymmetric Channel,                                         Walailak J Sci & Tech, 12(10): 885908 (2015).  Impact Factor 0.108

             4.  S. Nadeem, Anwar Hussain and Majid Khan, HAM solutions for boundary layer flow in the region of the stagnation point towards a stretching sheet,                                            Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 15 (2010) 475–481. Impact Factor 2.879

             5.  S. Nadeem, Noreen Sher Akbar, Ahmet Yildirm, Anwar Hussain and Mohamed Ali, Series Solutions for the Stagnation Flow of a Maxwell Fluid                                                    Over a Shrinking Sheet, Composites: Mechanics, Computations, Applications, An International Journal 2(4), 1–15 (2011). Impact Factor 0.0

            6.  Safia Akram, S. Nadeem and Anwar Hussain, Influence of Lateral Walls on Peristaltic Flow of a Third Grade Fluid in a Rectangular Duct, Journal of  Applied                              Mechanical Engineering 2014, 3:2 Impact Factor 1.37

             7. Safia Akrama, S. Nadeem, Anwar Hussain, Effects of heat and mass transfer on peristaltic flow of a Bingham fluid in the presence of inclined magnetic field and                      channel with different wave forms, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 362 (2014) 184–192. Impact Factor 1.979

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             9.  Sohail Nadeem, Anwar Hussain, and Kuppalapalle Vajravelu, Effects of Heat Transfer on the Stagnation Flow of a Third-Order Fluid over a Shrinking Sheet, Z.                         Naturforsch. 65a, 969–994 (2010). Impact Factor 0.718

           10. Y. Khan, A. Hussain, N. Faraz, Unsteady linear viscoelastic fluid model over a stretching/shrinking sheet in the region of stagnation point flows, Scientia Iranica                        B(2012)19(6),1541–1549. Impact Factor 0.537

           11. S. Nadeem, Anwar Hussain and Noreen Sher Akbar, Series solutions for the unsteady stagnation point flows of a Non-Newtonian fluid over a shrinking sheet,                          Journal Composites: Mechanics, Computations, Applications, An International Journal 4(2013) 303-318. Impact Factor = 0.000    

           12. Akram Safia, Nadeem S., Hussain Anwar, Influence of Induced Magnetic Field and Partial Slip on the Peristaltic Flow of a Couple Stress Fluid in an Asymmetric                       Channel, Iran. J. Chem. Chem. Eng.  Vol. 33, No. 3, 2014, Impact Factor = 0.325​