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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering  (CEME)
Student/Professional Exchange Program

One of the prominent feature of the University's education is its strong international linkage with foreign universities of repute which will ensure that research and teaching are of the highest quality by encouraging a two way flow of knowledge. this aspect also adds a global perspective to its activities in order to avoid stagnation and to remain current on latest developments in the field of sciences and technology. NUST has developed linkages with Michigan State University (MSU) USA Iowa State University, USA , Cranfield University, and University of New South Wales, Australia for collaborative split programmes at MS/PhD level.

It is also finalizing similar linkages with other foreign universities. As a result of these linkages, the expenditure on sending students abroad is curtailed drastically as the selected students complete bulk of their studies in Pakistan and proceed abroad to complete their MS/Ph.D and earn a foreign degree. This will also facilitate flow of latest technical knowledge on regular basis, prevent drain and ensure research relevant to the needs of this country at least cost.

Split MS/PhD Programme

On the basis of first semester results, previous academic profile at undergraduate level, GRE score and performance during the second semester, top 1-2 students from each engineering discipline having a minimum of 3.5 GPA will be selected for split courses abroad subject to the availability of necessary funds from the Govt. of Pakistan. These students, after second semester, will join any one of the related foreign universities where they will stay for approximately 9 to 11 months (2 to 3 semesters) and complete part of course work and the thesis. On successful completion of the course and thesis work at these universities, these students will be awarded foreign degrees in Pakistan. The remaining students who complete their total degree requirement in Pakistan , will be awarded NUST degrees. Only Pakistani nationals are eligible for this scholarship.

Candidates of all disciplines who wish to compete for the split programme will be required to appear in computer based GRE (General) test at their own in such a way that NUST receives their GRE scores from Education Testing Services (ETS) directly by mid April.

Candidates who want to join split programme on self-sponsored basis will have to obtain good GRE score and a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the first semester. Estimated expenses are given under 'Expenses Abroad for PG Programmes', and 'Overall Expenditure'• Computer Based GRE tests are held at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad during the first 3 weeks of each month. • Detailed information about GRE is available in booklet form at all American Centers.

The split MS students, who perform extremely well at the foreign universities may be recommended by the foreign advisors to pursue split PhD programme under various arrangements given below:- • The student is sponsored for full duration of Ph.D by the foreign university, He completes the course credits, thesis work and thesis defense at the foreign university. • If a student is offered sponsorship for first 18-24 months by the foreign university, the programme will be converted to split Ph.D., provided relevant research facilities and suitable faculty is available in one the NUST constituent colleges. The split PhD students will initiate/complete major portion of the thesis work including use of laboratory/library facilities of the foreign university. These students will then return to Pakistan to compile and complete the thesis reports during the next 12-18 months. While at NUST a student working on his dissertation in the college may be granted teaching/research assistance ship. On completion of thesis the students will return to foreign university for thesis defense. • Another model of split PhD at Australian university is that a student could remain abroad for 3 months in the start and then come back to NUST. He completes his research at a NUST college under the supervision of a NUST faculty and on completion he returns to the Australian university for final three months in order to finalize and defend his thesis. On successful completion of the PhD requirements, the students will be awarded the foreign university degrees in Pakistan.