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Hostel Allotment Policy


1.       General 

NUST College of E&ME provides hostel facility to the outstation undergraduate / postgraduate students on “First Come First Serve” basis at the start of their first semester. Hostel accommodation in the relevant category is strictly allotted as per the application seniority list. The College administration offers its best possible services to facilitate the students during their stay in the hostels. These hostels provide:-

         a.       Peaceful academic environment.

         b.       Quality food / meals, prepared under hygienic conditions.

         c.       Indoor recreational facilities like TV Room etc.

2.      Hostel Allotment Policy

         a.       All desirous students for the hostel accommodation to apply on the prescribed online form (available on College Website Hostel accommodation will be allotted by Battalion Commander / Deputy Director NUST Students Affairs, depending upon the availability of the rooms as per seniority of the applicant. However, students from far flung / backward areas of GB, KPK and Baluchistan will be given priority on case to case basis, provided they approach the college authorities in time and before finalization of lists.

         b.       Seniority of hostel allotment list is made strictly on “First Come First Serve” basis for UG / PG students separately. The applications received within three weeks after the announcement of first merit list of NUST admissions will be given priority.

         c.       Hostel accommodation to international students is guaranteed provided that they apply for the hostel facility before the display of first hostel allotment list.

         d.       There are number of hostel / campus facilities available for the students. To acquire detailed information of these facilities, students may visit college website.

3.      Procedure / Actions to be Taken by Applicants

         a.       Online application to be forwarded on the prescribed Online Hostel Application Form.

         b.       Attach a bank draft (non refundable processing fee) of Rs. 1000.00 in favour of “Comdt College of E&ME, Rawalpindi” and a photocopy of domicile certificate along with the print of online application form.

         c.       Students of SAT International to provide documentary proof of admission on SAT (International) basis.

         d.       These documents to be forwarded on the following address:-

                   Manager Hostels,

                   Cadets Battalion,

                   NUST College of E&ME Peshawar Road Rawalpindi

         e.       Security fee Rs. 10,000/- (Refundable) and advance mess payment of Rs. 10,000/- will be deposited for hostel allotment.

         f.        Applications forwarded with incomplete / incorrect information will not be considered for the allotment of hostel accommodation.

         g.       Students of local station (Rawalpindi and Islamabad city) will not be entertained.

4.      Rules for In-living Students 

All NUST Cadets / Paying Cadets residing in college hostels are required to adhere to the points given below, violations of which will lead to disciplinary action against the individuals:-

         a.       Cadets are not allowed to stay out of hostel after 2300 hours. Defaulter will be fined and punished heavily. No cadet to leave hostel premises after 2300 hours.

         b.       Once a room has been allotted to a cadet, he is not allowed to shift the room at his own. In case of a genuine problem, he may request to the college administration through manager hostel for change of his room.

         c.       All the cadets will sign the room inventory once they take possession of the room. Later if some damage is detected in furniture, door of the room or any other item placed / available in the room the repair/replacement charges will be borne by the occupant. Any other sort of damage to hostel/items of the hostel will be borne by the cadet who has caused the damage.

         d.       To ensure the security as well presence / arrival of cadets in the hostels, they are required to come to warden’s office daily between 2300 hours to 2330 hours to mark their attendance. Cadet  not  coming  for  attendance  will  be  taken  as  absent  and  action  will  be taken accordingly. Anybody found making proxy will be dealt severely. Attendance will be marked in the presence of hostel in-charge.

         e.       No cadet or staff is allowed to cook food in rooms or hostels under any circumstances. Food will not be served in the rooms both to cadets and staff.

         f.        Playing cricket/hockey/football etc inside the hostel is strictly forbidden.

         g.       Damage to plants/flower beds of the hostel is not allowed. Besides, cutting of trees is strictly forbidden.

         h.       Cadets are not allowed to keep Pets, TV/VCR, DVD Players, electric room heaters and expensive mobile phones in their rooms.

         i.        Television will be closed at 2300 hours on normal working days and at 2345 hours on the weekends / closed holidays. However, in case of some important sports events like World Cup/Olympic etc, special permission can be obtained from Company Commander.

         j.        Cadets staying in the hostel during vacations will abide by all rules and regulations.

         k.       Pornographic material of any kind is not allowed in the rooms/hostels.

         l.        A qualified doctor is available in College MI Room, who can be contacted on required basis for outdoor treatment.

         m.      A laundry shop has been established for provision of washing and pressing of clothes of hostilities.

         n.       All cadets are required to keep their rooms neat/clean and will prepare their rooms for inspections carried out by their DAD NSAW / Company Commander / Manager Hostel and appointment holders from time to time. Cadets will be fined in case of untidy / disorganized rooms.

o.      Being a Non Smoking Campus, smoking, use of sheesha, naswar / narcotics, all contraband items and substances including (but not limited to) ice, hash, weed, marijuana etc and drinking of prohibited beverages is strictly forbidden in the college campus and hostels. Upon first instance, parents will be informed with imposition of fine and upon second, hostel facilities will be withdrawn. Case for expulsion may be initiated depending upon the severity of the case.

         p.       College authorities are entitled to carry out inspections and search of the rooms and hostel premises without notice / info on suspicion of any illegal activity, possession of banned and prohibited substances including drugs etc. All facilities will be terminated in case of any violations found thereof.

         q.       Cadets are not allowed to keep more than Rs 2,000/- in their rooms. Extra money should be deposited in the bank. Cadets will themselves ensure safe custody of their belongings. College authorities will not take responsibility of their loss of any valuable/cash.

         r.        No one is allowed to keep any type of weapon/ammunition in his room or anywhere in the college premises.

         s.       No in-living UG NUST Cadet/Paying Cadet is allowed to keep a car/motorcycle in the campus or hire a car from 'Rent a Car' organization.

         t.        All in-living UG NUST Cadets/Paying Cadets are allowed to receive their guests only on the weekends and official holidays during the prescribed timings and can take them to “Kiosk” and “College Cafeteria” only.

         u.       Under no circumstances a guest is allowed to visit or stay in the cadets accommodation. Cars of guests are not allowed to move beyond the general car parking of the college.

         v.       No cadet other than the cadets having in-living status is allowed to stay in the hostel. If an out-living college cadet is desirous of staying in the hostel, he/she will get his/her request approved on proscribed performa from NSAW / Cadets Battalion. He/She will ensure following procedure:-

(1)      Willingness from all cadets residing in the particular room.

(2)      Request form duly recommended by the company commander and manager hostel.

(3)      The cadets presently studying in the College will be charged for room rent and food facility as per the policy through their monthly bills. However, ex cadets will be charged in advance for the requested time period.

(4)      The request to be forwarded within working hours on all working days. The request forwarded after working hours or on closed holiday will not be entertained.

(5)      The photocopy of the request form to be deposited with Accounts Branch Cadets Battalion / NSAW.

(6)      All UG Female Cadets will get permission from their parents and will also forward a text message of permission to authorities of NSAW.

(7)      The College Authorities reserve the right of final approval.

          Note:  Temporary allotments in the hostels have been discontinued till further orders.

         w.       No cadet will indulge in any sort of political activity, if someone is found involved in such activities his registration will be terminated.

         x.       If any cadet desires to get his in-living status cancelled, he will forward an application to the manager hostel and will produce copy of hostel clearance certificate to him before he vacates his room in the hostel. He will also make an entry to this effect in Cadets Dining Complex “In/Out” register that he is no more a dining member of the Cadets Dining Complex. Request form duly completed in all respects will be submitted to the NSAW / Cadets Battalion (Estb Office).

         y.       No NUST Cadet / Paying Cadet is allowed to write slogans on the walls/doors or spit in the walk ways. Moreover, they are responsible for general cleanliness of their rooms and corridors in particular.

         z.       In case any NUST Cadet / Paying Cadet fails to abide by the college rules, he/she will be given a warning, subsequently his/her in-living status will be cancelled without any further notice.

         aa.     All the in-living Cadets are required to follow Outpass SOP (attached as annex A to this policy) for going out of College campus.

         bb.     Telephone placed in the hostels will be used for incoming calls only. Outgoing calls will not be made.

         cc.      Un-necessary lights will be switched off immediately. Lights off timing will be observed strictly. However, during exams / sessionals the same will be relaxed by the College authorities.

         dd.     Strict discipline for proper use of water will be observed.

         ee.     Cadets are not allowed to sit/sleep on the roof.

         ff.       Sitting/standing unnecessarily outside the hostel is prohibited.

         gg.     The religious /political gatherings in the campus or hostel rooms are not allowed.

         hh.     It is the duty of all cadets to ensure that all the safety instructions are followed specially in case of electricity and gas usage.

         ii.        Cadets are required to keep themselves aware of the information being communicated by the college authorities via Notice Boards, ERP, Bulletins and Website etc.

         jj.        All cadets to fully cooperate with the hostel and mess staff.

         kk.      Prohibited places as indicated by the Sign Postings or Notices in the campus will not be visited or made use of for any purpose.

         ll.        Gender mixing is strictly prohibited and the parents will be informed on first occurrence along with imposition of fine. Second instance will lead them to cancellation of their in-living status.

         mm.   All UG cadets can avail hostel facility only for a maximum period of four years (during the tenure of their degree programme) and PG cadets can avail it for one and a half year. After expiry of the said period, the inliving status of cadets will be cancelled and he/she will have to vacate the hostel. A maximum of one month grace period may be extended under extreme situation by the Deputy Director Hostels, two months by the Dean and three months by the Comdt.

         nn.     Hostel facility will not be extended to the faculty/PG cadets (those who are in research work phase). However, if some accommodation is available, they may be allotted a room in the hostel, but will be charged with extra room rent as per the existing rules of the campus.

         oo.     It is in the best interest of all cadets to have congenial relationships with their fellow cadets. All cadets are advised to take notice of any abnormal behavior or change in the attitude of any fellow / other cadet and communicate to the college authorities immediately.

         pp.     It is the moral responsibility of all the cadets to inform the college authorities of anything which can cause damage to the College reputation or physical assets.

         qq.     All the cadets are strictly prohibited to move in the residential area of the college.

         rr.       Proper adherence to dress code (schedule and pictures attached as annex B to this policy) will be observed by all the cadets whether he is an in-living or out-living cadet. Wearing Bermuda shorts outside hostel premises is strictly forbidden.

         ss.      Failure to abide by the Rules as mentioned above or as intimated from time to time will be strictly dealt with.

         tt.       Ragging in any shape which causes physical or psychological harm or raises apprehension of  fear, shame or an embarrassment to the new cadet including teasing, abusing, shouting, playing practical jokes or asking to do any act for which he is not willing to do so is strictly forbidden. Rather it is expected that senior cadets will help the juniors to settle down in the hostels. Anybody found involved in ragging will have to face appropriate disciplinary action.

5.      Some DOs and DON’Ts for Boarders

         a.       DOs

                   (1)      Always be respectful to your colleagues and hostel staff/management.

                   (2)      Use of un-parliamentary language, foul and abusive language ​ with the fellow cadets / staff is taken very seriously.

                   (3)      Keep your room neat and tidy, as it can be inspected by the      hostel manager without any prior notice / intimation.

                   (4)      Utilize your PC / Laptops for educational purpose only.

                   (5)      See the Medical Officer in MI Room as and when you feel unwell.

                   (6)      Be security conscious and take care of your valuables especially Cash, Mobile Phones and Laptop etc. Take your        valuable along with you when you proceed on leave etc.

                   (7)      Always clear Hostel Dues well in time.

                   (8)      All notices/instructions issued from time to time must be religiously followed.

                   (9)      Take care of hostel property i.e. T.V, furniture in room / hostel, water dispenser, washroom fittings and water coolers etc.

                   (10)    Swipe your RFID Card wherever it is required.

                   (11)    Report to Manager Hostel about any unusual activity in the hostel.

                   (12)    Inform the Manager Hostel about Withdrawal / Relegation on immediate basis.

                   (13)    Preserve / economize utilization of water, electricity and gas.

                   (14)    Put off all the electric switches, gas appliances and water tapes while leaving the room.

         b.       DON’Ts

                   (1)      Keeping of prohibited medicines, drugs without doctor’s prescription.

                   (2)      Possession of following items is totally banned and those who are checked will be expelled from the hostel / College:-

(a)      Fire arms and daggers etc.

(b)      Alcohols, Toxic drugs, sheesha, gutkha and hashish/heroin etc.

(c)      Crackers, explosives and ammunition etc.

(d)      Objectionable material like videos, books or photographs.

                   (3)      Smoking and keeping any kind of such items.

                  (4)      Misusing hostel premises/facilities for activities other than studies.

                  (5)      Involvement in criminal/police cases, it will be taken very seriously to the extent of expulsion from the hostel / College.

                  (6)      Guests of staff and cadets in the room/hostel.

                   (7)      Playing loud music in the room which may disturb studies of colleagues / neighbors.

                   (8)      Making noise and raising slogans.

                   (9)      Keeping electrical appliances, other than authorized in the rules.

                   (10)    Fiddling with the electric sockets/plugs/appliances etc.

                   (11)    Damaging any hostel property.

                   (12)    Involvement in politics, ethnic, sectarian and other undesirable activities. Defaulters will be expelled from hostel without any   advance notice.

                   (13)    Collection of Chanda on any account.

                   (14)    Ragging of juniors inside / outside the rooms and hostels.

                   (15)    Gambling in any form such as playing cards (even without money at stake).

                   (16)    Celebrating birthday parties, dholic / mehndi functions and get together in hostel rooms.

                   (17)    Employment or keeping of a private servant in the hostel.

                   (18)    Leaving lights or fans on, when out of room.

                   (19)    Proxy in any manner.

                    (20)    Authorized Room setting will not be changed.

6.       Hostel / Mess Dues

a.       On allotment of hostel, students will be required to pay advance room rent for one year. Moreover, to ensure smooth running and provision of dining facility, Rs. 10,000/- on account of advance messing will be charged from all students desirous of availing the facility.

b.       At the beginning of each academic year i.e Sep / Oct each year, the hostels will be re-allotted and students will be required to deposit room rent of next year in advance. Any student failing to deposit advance room rent or having outstanding dues (hostel and/or messing etc) will not be allotted or renewed hostel facility for the next year.

c.        Monthly Hostel / Mess dues are required to be paid on monthly basis. If a cadet fails to deposit his dues in time (20th of each month), he is imposed with a fine of Rs. 500/-. If he even fails to do so, initially his messing facility is cancelled and subsequently his hostel facility may be cancelled. Detail of Monthly dues is given as under:-

(1)      Hostel charges: Rs 5,400/- (tentatively, change in rates are subject to consumption of electricity and gas)

(2)      Mess charges: Rs 8,195/- (tentatively, change in rates are subject to prevailing market rates of eatables)

7.       Violation of SOPs

The authorities of College of EME reserve the right to terminate hostel facilities including dining facilities in arrangements for any act deemed inappropriate and hence in violation of SOPs not covered in preceding paras. The decision of the college authorities will be final and will not be challenged in any court of law.

8.       Conclusion

         a.       These are general guidelines to facilitate the cadets and ensure their comfortable stay in the hostels.

         b.       Cadets are required to follow the above rules while staying in the hostel. Parents / Guardians are requested to go through these instructions and advise their son / daughter to strictly follow the hostel rules and regulations.

Annex A


1.       General.       

Following SOP will be adopted for leaving the college campus for different categories of Cadets:-

          a.       Procedure for NCs, PCs and ASCs: Boys only

(1)       Cadet (boy) is not req to have copy of written out pass.

(2)       Cadet will swipe his RFID (valid only) at Main Gate before leaving / entering the College Campus in the presence of Security Staff.

(3)       Security Staff will ensure that only valid RFID card of the student is being swiped.

(4)       In case of malfunction (both in ERP and card) entry of Time Out / Time In will be made in the In / Out register placed at Main Gate by the cadet himself. Security Supervisor at the gate will endorse his initial in appropriate column of the register to ensure that it is a legal entry. 

(5)       Information regarding closure of Out pass / weekends (if any) of a specific Degree/ Cadet will be intimated well before time to security office by Cadet Battalion.

(6)       It is the cadet’s responsibility to ensure that card swiping time is endorsed / checked by the staff at the gate, failing which he will be marked as Not Reported Back case which will be dealt with severe disciplinary action.

(7)       Security Office will forward Courtesy Report (Defaulter Report) of the Cadets to the Cadet Battalion for necessary penalties / action as per rules.

(8)      Responsibilities of Hostel Manager/Warden

(a)      A register will be kept in all hostels in which hostel manager/warden will take the parade state of the day at 2300 hrs.

(b)      Hostel Manager/warden will monitor and compare the register and physical checking of rooms (occasionally) to monitor the availability of cadets. Necessary report will be made to AD NSAW / Company Commander on any observation to Cadet Battalion.

(9)      Timings

(a)      Cadets will leave the College premises before 2300 hrs for proceeding on weekend / out pass (or as per the instructions of the college authorities on some special occasion/day/event). However, a cadet on emergency leave can proceed after 2300 hrs. Gate staff will confirm his departure from Company Commander / Hostel Manager.

(b)      Cadet will fall back before 2300 hrs on the day of termination of their out pass / weekend / leave.

(10)    Disposal on Non Adherence.  Any student found not adhering   to the SOP will be dealt as fol:-

(a)           Fine/Entry in Dossier

(1)     On First occurrence            -          Rs    500/-

(3)     On Second instance            -          Rs    1000/-

(b)           Information to parents.  On having two such entries the parents of the concerned cadet will be informed.

(c)           Cancellation of In living Status.  If the cadet again commits such mistake, his / her inliving status will be cancelled.

b.       Procedure for Lady Cadets (UG & PG). In addition to paragraph 1a above following will be ensured for lady cadets:-

(1)       A lady cadet can apply for following three different types of outpass or leave:-

(a)     Outpass. The term outpass means permission of going out of College campus for specific time duration on some day. This time duration is maximum upto 2230 hrs. Till 2230 hrs a lady cadet must have to report back to her hostel for night stay.

(b)     Permanent Outpass. The term permanent outpass means permission of going out of College campus for specific time duration daily for multiple days. The time duration is maximum upto 2230 hrs. Till 2230 hrs a lady cadet must have to report back to her hostel for night stay. Permanent outpass can be applied maximum for 5 working days and will be sanctioned only after evaluating the nature of task / commitment (e.g Internship, job etc) for which it has been applied.

(c)     Weekend/Leave. The term weekend/leave means any leave which includes night stay outside hostel premises. This leave may be a weekend, leave for any working day, any emergency leave or semester break.

(2)      Separate three registers each for outpass, permanent outpass and weekend/leave will be made for Khadija Hostel. Hostel Manager will be responsible for keeping the registers up-to-date.

(3)       Any desirous Lady Cadet will apply for outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave on respective registers placed at Khadija Hostel. She will also fill respective request form provided for outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave.

(4)       All three registers along with filled copies of outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass will be put up to Hostel Manager, who after confirming the receipt of SMS from ERP registered mobile number of cadet’s parents at official mobile number held with her, will sign all the above mentioned registers. Registers will put up twice a day (at 0930 hrs and 1400 hrs) for sanctioning.

(5)       All outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass will be signed during office hours (during working days). Under no circumstances (except extreme emergency) any outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass will be signed after office hours. However, in extreme emergency case, Hostel Manager, after confirming the receipt of SMS from ERP registered mobile number of cadet’s parents at official mobile number held with her, will sign outpass, permanent outpass or weekend//leave. Hostel Manager will inform Company Commander about all extreme emergency cases via SMS.

(6)       Lady Cadet will inform Company Commander / Hostel Manager through her parents via SMS (format attached as appendix I to annex A of this SOP) at official mobile number “0330-5008162” about her outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave. On receipt of SMS from the parents (only from authorize ERP registered mobile number) she will get her outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave sanctioned. Outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave will not be approved if the message is done through some other mobile number. If parents change their mobile number due to some reason, then they will inform Cadets Battalion on a request form and will get the number changed in ERP data. If Company Commander and Hostel Manager, both are not available, then CI Cadet Battalion / Battalion Commander will be approached / contacted for the purpose.

(7)       A Lady Cadet whose parents desire that their daughter may proceed on outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave without their prior information / permission, then a written application duly signed by Father / Guardian of Lady Cadet (specimen attached as appendix II to annex A of this SOP) must be given to regularize the exit and entry.

(8)       Three copies of outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass will be made; each copy will be signed and stamped by the Hostel Manager. If Hostel Manager is not available, then Company Commander will sign outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass.

(9)       The Lady Cadet will deposit first copy (office copy) of her outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass in Cadet Battalion, second copy (main gate copy) at the Main Gate to security staff while exiting the College Campus, whereas the third copy (cadet’s copy) will be retained by the Lady Cadet and will be submitted at Main Gate on fall back.

(10)      For availing the facility of outpass or weekend/leave on weekend, Lady Cadet will put up her outpass or weekend/leave, for approval, in the same way as described above. Hostel Manager, after confirming the receipt of SMS from ERP registered mobile number of cadet’s parents at official mobile number held with her, will sign outpass, or weekend/leave.

(11)      Under no circumstances Lady Cadet will be allowed to leave the College premises without duly signed outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass.

(12)      Under no circumstances night stay outside the College for inliving lady cadet is permitted merely on showing the College ID/RFID card.

(13)      Remaining procedure for entry and exit will remain the same as described in para 1 above.

(14)    Timings

(a)      Lady Cadet will leave the College premises after 0600 hrs and before 2230 hrs for proceeding on outpass, permanent outpass or weekend / leave (or as per the instructions of the College authorities on some special occasion/day/event).

(b)      Lady Cadet will fall back before 2230 hrs on the day of termination of her out pass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave.

(c)      Under no circumstance (except extreme emergency) late fall back is accepted. However, in case of late fall back, parents of Lady Cadet will inform Company Commander / Hostel Manager via SMS at official mobile number “0330-5008162” (only from their authorize ERP registered number) about the reason of delay and expected time of their daughter’s fall back.

c.        Procedure for GCs

(1)      Sanction for an outpass shall always be based on a genuine request or on academic requirement of a cadet which cannot be fulfilled inside the college campus.

(2)      Separate out pass registers will be prepared for each company on which the approval from the Company Commander and CI / Battalion Commander should be sought. This register along with the outpass form will be put up for approval before 1000 hrs on the out pass day.

(3)      No cadet will proceed on outpass during class timings i.e 0900 hrs to 1630 hrs.

(4)      If a cadet wants to go to the bank in class timings, he will bring a permission of respective HOD. In case HOD is not available, Assistant HOD will sign the printed request duly stamped of respective dept and signed to get an outpass for two hours signed by Company Commander.

(5)      Under no circumstances list (Nominal roll) of outpass is entertained, every cadet will get all 3x copies of outpass signed from respective by Commanders.

(6)      The timings for an outpass will be from 1630 hrs to 1900 hrs both in summers and in winters and the attendance in the ni fall-in is compulsory for all those who avail the outpass.

(7)      RFID Card will be properly swiped at main gate before leaving / entering the college in the presence of security staff on the gate. In case of any problem with ERP Sys or faulty RFID Card, entry of time out/time in will be made in the In/Out register placed at Main gate by the cadet leaving the campus. Shift incharge will initial the concerned column and will also make sure that entry is correct.

(8)      Every cadet will swipe the RFID card in the presence of gate staff at gate.

(9)      Every cadet will submit a copy of outpass at gate, signed by concerned coy comd while proceeding out of college.

(10)    On weekend, any GC having weekend/leave sanctioned  from Friday to Sunday can proceed on outpass from Fri 1400 to Sun 1800 hours multiple times only if the GC is allowed on the authorized weekend/leave list.

(11)    On weekends, normal outpass is allowed till 1900 hrs.

(12)    Approval of an extended out pass after 1900 hrs should be sought from the Coy Comd. On return from a late outpass the cadet should report to his Sgt and info about his retreat.(Respective sgt is than info the trg JCO and the concerned coy comd). In this case if a cadet does not arr after 2200 hrs, the Sgt should immediate contact the cadet on mob and info the CSUO. However, if the Sgt does not receive any response from the cadet, the CSUO should info the Coy Comd by 2230 hrs.

(13)    Any cadet who is on any restrictions / PET failure will not be allowed to proceed on outpass till he completes / passes the same.

(14)    Under no circumstances farewell parties, Dinners, lunch or high tea will be entertained on working days. Cadets must plan such activities after sought the formal approval from respective coy comds. Said activities will only be permitted on sat and sun only.

(15)    For all FYP (final year project) purposes, written permission from respective HOD is req, duly stamped by the dept. It must be noted that for projects Sat and Sun is only permitted. Cadet and respective department must planned accordingly.

(16)    Under no circumstance outpass or weekend is allowed during sessional exams.

(17)    Leave will only be permitted for blood relations relatives’ marriages i.e real brother and sister.

(18)    Weekend.     The sanction of weekend should be based on performance of a cadet in his PET and academic performance.

(19)    Any cadet who fails his PET and is on restrictions will not be given weekend unless he passes the same.

(20)    Each company will have a separate weekend register on which the approval from the Coy Comd should be sought in addition to clearance from drill staff regarding their restrictions and PET result.

(21)    The weekend should commence after the classes are over on Fri / Sat and it should terminate on Sun latest by 1800 hrs.

(22)    Two copies of the leave pass will be made, each copy will be duly signed and stamped by the Coy Comd Cadet Bn.

(23)    The Cadet will deposit one copy in the cadet wing and the second copy to the main gate staff while exiting the main gate whereas the third copy will be retained by the cadet and will be submitted on the main gate on falling back from the leave.

(24)    Weekend should not be added as prefix or suffix in case of any kind of leave.

(25)    Ex Pakistan Leave. Desirous cadet must put up his case at least one month prior to departure, for formal approval by concerned authority. All concerning documents must be completed by the clerical staff but authenticity of data rest with the cadet only.

(26)    Fulfilling of concern documents rest with the cadet himself. Following docus are req;-

(a)           Questionnaire for leave, 4x copies

(b)           Under taking by the applicant.

(c)           Leave application.

(d)           Leave abroad certificate.

(e)           Availability cert during emergency.

(f)             Declaration of religion.

(g)           Certificate from SI ASG (duly attested)

(h)           Photocopy of CNIC of applicant

(i)             PAFZ – 2041 (SVA – 8101 Personal data form)

(j)             Surety bond 4x copies.

(k)           Photographs (duly attested) 8x copies.

(l)             Medical fitness certificate 4x copies.

2.         Conclusion

         a.       These are general guidelines to facilitate the cadets and ensure their smooth entry / exit from College campus during their stay in the hostels.

         b.       Cadets are required to follow the above rules while staying in the hostel. Parents / Guardians are requested to go through these instructions and advise their son / daughter to strictly follow the hostel rules and regulations.

Appendix I To Annex A

SMS Format for Outpass / Permanent Outpass / Weekend / Leave

1.       Parents of Lady Cadets will forward SMS for outpass / permanent outpass / weekend / leave of their daughters as per following format:-

a.       Outpass.      Please allow my daughter to proceed on outpass from __(time)_____hrs on __(date must be same)___ to ___(time)___hrs on ____(date must be same)__. She is proceeding to ______(place)___________.

b.       Permanent Outpass.        Please allow my daughter to proceed on permanent outpass from ______hrs on ___________ to ______hrs on ___________. She is proceeding to _________________.

c.        Weekend/Leave.    Please allow my daughter to proceed on weekend/leave from ______hrs on ___________ to ______hrs on ___________. She is proceeding to _________________.

Appendix II To Annex A


          It is certified that, I ______________________ Father / Guardian of __________________, student of DE- _________ Discipline________ allow my daughter to proceed on outpass / permanent outpass / weekend / leave without my prior information / permission. I take full responsibility for her entry / exit from College campus and I am fully responsible for any untoward incident happens with her when she is outside College premises.

Date: _________________


Father / Guardian

Name: ________________________

 CNIC No.: _____________________

 (Copy attached)

Mobile No: _____________________

Appendix III To Annex A


(NCs / PCs / ASCs : Boys)

1.       Students will not be allowed to proceed on outpass / weekend during the 1st month of admission / start of session.

2.       Out pass permission is open after 1st month, however swapping of RFID card at exit gate while entering and leaving college campus is mandatory.

3.       For entrance and exit from college campus following timings will be followed:-

          a.       Entrance time (if on out pass)       -         Not later than 2300 hrs

          b.       Exit time                                      -         Not after 2300 hrs (except in                                                                                   extreme emergency)

4.       In emergency entrance / exit please contact following officers for permission:-

          a.       Dy Asst Dir NUST Student Affairs Wing  :   051-54444802

          b.       Manager Hostels (Boys)                         :   051-54444808

 ​Appendix IV To Annex D


(NCs / PCs / ASCs : Girls)

1.       Students will not be allowed to proceed on outpass / weekend during the 1st month of admission / start of session.

2.       Lady Cadet can proceed on outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave only after submitting duly signed copy of outpass, permanent outpass or weekend/leave pass at College campus exit gate, however swapping of RFID card at the gate while entering and leaving college campus is mandatory.

3.       For entrance and exit from college campus following timings will be followed:-

          a.       Entrance time (if on out pass)       -         Not later than 2230 hrs

          b.       Exit time                                      -         Not before 0600 hrs and after                                                                                     2230 hrs (except in extreme                                                                                          emergency)

4.       In emergency entrance / exit please contact following officers for permission:-

          a.       Dy Asst Dir NUST Student Affairs Wing  :   051-54444802

          b.       Manager Hostels (Girls)                          :   0322-5718896​