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Guide Line for PhD Students
​S No ​Document / Activities to be performed
​Forms ​Responsibility
​1. ​Admission in Dir PhD Program PhD-1
​2. ​Student Registration no PhD-2A PGP Dte
​3. ​Student GEC Formulation PhD-3A ​Student /Dept
​4. ​Change of GEC as per req of student PhD-3B ​Student
​5. ​Every six months GEC meeting on PhD-3C ​Student
​6. ​Every Six months progress report on the format attached Six monthly format ​Student
​7. ​After receiving of six monthly progress reports received from all dept than conducting a PhD progress review seminar date received from NUST ​Template of presentation ​Student/Dept/ASG
​8. ​Course work completed than student PhD qualifying Exam Part A written. Result of exam PhD-4 ​Student/Dept
​9. ​Successfully qualified written exam than oral PhD qualifying exam for issuance of research topic result of exam ​PhD-5 ​Student/Dept
​After completion of research and publications students going for PhD-Pre Defence. Board assemble for checking of documents for pre-defence Forms Attached
​11. ​After completion of Board  students going to PhD Pre-Defence PhD Pre Defence Cert attached ​Student/Dept
​12. ​After Successfully defended  PhD Defence case fwd to Main Office NUST for Thesis evaluators selections ​Ltr Attached
​13. ​After Thesis evaluation reports received on Form PhD-6 ​Supervisor
​14. ​Before Final PhD Thesis Defence Brief for Comdt Form attached ​Dept HoD
​15. ​After successfully defended Final PhD Defence form PhD-7 ​Student/Dept