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College Level Events

Sports & Adventure Society (SAS)

Sports & Adventure Society (SAS) is one of the most active societies of EME. As its name reflects, it’s all about the necessary professional attributes that sports and adventure insists in a person. From intra-university to the mega events of sports and adventure in twin cities, SAS manages them. It’s not only the sole society that takes care of all sports and adventure related events of EME but it is a complete package that provides students the opportunity to enhance their managerial skills in addition to being a part of the sports team they love.





Society for Promotion of Arts and Literature (SPAL)

SPAL - Society for the Promotion of Arts and Literature, is the biggest student body of the NUST College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, offering the students a chance to bring out their creative abilities and talents. It not only gives the students a chance to display their skills but also enables them to groom themselves in various fields of life other than studies.