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Alumni Sports Club

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​Alumni Sports Club Form

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College of E&ME always aims at providing a conducive and congenial environment for studies to its students and faculty members simultaneously. The College also emphasizes on promoting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities amongst the students and faculty of College of E&ME. For the first time in history of College, sports and various recreational have also been offered to Alumni of College of E&ME on nominal charges.

Sports/Recreational Facilities Held in CEME 

Following facilities have been established at College:-

a.    Sports Complex (Indoor)

        (1)    Badminton Court

        (2)    Basketball Court

        (3)    Volleyball Court

        (4)    Table Tennis   

b.    Indoor Swimming Pool

        (1)    Deep pool 5ft (25m)

        (2)    Shallow pool 3.5ft

c.    Sports Grounds

       (1)    Cricket

       (2)    Football

       (3)    Hockey

       (4)    Futsol

       (5)    Athletics

d.    Outdoor Courts

        (1)    Lawn Tennis Courts

        (2)    Basketball Court

        (3)    Squash Courts

e.    Gymnasium (Gents & Ladies)

 f.    Firing Club (Range - 50m)

g.    Misc Recreational Facilities

       (1)    Jogging Tracks

       (2)    Riding Club

       (3)    Mini Golf Course

       (4)    Roller Skating Platform

       (5)    Bty Driven Car Ride

       (6)    Movie Club (screened on weekends in Saeed Akhtar Auditorium)

Alumni Sports Club Committee

a.    Composition of committee will be as under:-

      (1)    Patron-in-chief:    Commandant College of E&ME

      (2)    Patron    :        President Alumni College of E&ME

      (3)    President:         Chief Instructor Cadet Battalion/Battalion Commander

      (4)    Members:

a.    Sports Officer Cadet Battalion / Coordinator /Secretary Alumni Sports Club

b.    Adjutant Cadet Battalion

c.    Deputy Assistant Director NUST Student Affairs Wing

b.    Duties of Committee

    (1)    Take policy decisions regarding Alumni sports activities.

    (2)    Ensure smooth provisioning of sports / recreational facilities to Alumni throughout the year.

    (3)    Take action against defaulters (alumni) on account of discipline or breach of club rules. 

    (4)    Accord approval of alumni / non-alumni the membership of ASC.

ASC Membership – Procedure and Related Aspects

a.    Eligibility Criteria for Membership

(1)    Alumni Serving Members   Permanent Civil Servants in the service of Pakistan (ex EME officers, faculty members and students) and serving commissioned officers in the Defence Forces, serving in Grade 17 or above, selected grade -16 civil or Defence officers who have duly retired from service and are receiving qualifying service pension from state exchequer.

(2)    Non Service Members. All other ladies / gentlemen not falling in the “Service Members” category, but having the requisite social status, holding Pakistani Nationality and an active member of EME alumni.

(3)    Selected non-alumni members being sponsors, donors or investors in education legacy.

b.    Types of Membership

(a)    Limited Membership.    Temporary membership will be allowed up to a minimum period of 30 days and not exceeding 90 days in any calendar year for alumni expatriates visiting Islamabad / Rawalpindi. The membership will include alumni dependant family members. Charges (non-refundable) would be as under:-

       (1)    Registration Charges    -    Rs. 3000/-

       (2)    Monthly Charges        -    Rs. 700/-

(b)    Yearly Membership.     This is normal type of membership which is applicable to all alumni residing inland and will include dependant family members. Charges would be as under:-

      (1)    Registration Charges    -    Rs. 15000/-

      (2)    Monthly Charges        -    Rs. 1500/-

(c)     Lifetime Membership.    Any alumni can get lifetime membership of ASC for self, spouse and children till 26 years. Charges would be as under:-

       (1)    Registration Charges    -    Rs. 5,00,000/-

       (2)    Monthly Charges        -    Rs. 500/-


(d)    Special Membership.    If an Alumni intends to restrict his / her to one or two games then following charges will applicable:-

      (1)    Registration Charges    -    Rs. 15000/-

      (2)    Monthly Charges        -    Rs. 250 each sport

(e)    Elite Membership.    All those donor Alumni whom donation in one calendar year exceeds Rs. 2 Mn will be offered elite membership for a period of lifetime for self, spouse and children till 26 years of age. Applicant of this category will provide following details of donations:-

     (1)    Name

     (2)    Degree

     (3)    Alumni Card Number

     (4)    Details of donations (Amount, date, cash / account Number from which money was transferred).

c.    Procedure for Obtaining ASC Membership.

Initially ASC membership is being extended to 500 individuals / families and additional membership will be extended on assessment and usage frequency of sports / recreational facilities by existing members. To obtain membership, following procedure will be followed:-

      (1)    Application Form. Form will be issued free of cost and can be obtained from College of E&ME (Alumni office, Sports Officer Cadet Battalion or Main Entrance Gate No 1). Form can also be downloaded from College of E&ME website ( CEME/pages/ default.aspx). Specimen of form is attached at Annex A.

       (2)    Filled forms will be deposited to E&ME College Alumni Office who after necessary verification will process the case to Security Office for their vetting. Forms will then be forwarded to Chief Instructor / Sports Officer Cadet Battalion. Cash / cheques received form applicants will also be sent by Alumni Office to Cadet Battalion.

       (3)    Sports Officer Cadet Battalion will get the cards prepared and arrange handing over to concerned Alumni. In case cards are not collected within 10 days, Sports Officer shall forward the cards to Alumni office in official mail for further dissemination to concerned Alumni. 

       (4)    EME Alumni office will enter the cards detail on register and issue cards to applicant.  Specimen of ASC card is attached as Annex B.

d.    Promotional Period.

Following Registration and monthly Fee charges of ASC will be offered to Alumni for two months (01 Feb to 01 Apr 2017) or first 50 members on promotional basis on yearly membership category, whichever comes earlier:-

        (1)    Registration Fee    -    Rs 5000 (Non refundable).

        (2)    Monthly Charges    -    Rs 500 (Non refundable).

e.    Families of Members.    

Families of ASC members will automatically become eligible to use sports facilities. Term “Family” will include the spouse, unmarried sons up to the age of 26 years (provided they are non-earning) and unmarried daughters (no age limit). However, as a policy, additional monthly subscription will be charged for each child beyond 26 years of age. General rules like dress codes, conduct and timings will equally apply on all family members.

f.    Timings of Sports Facilities.

Alumni ASC members will be allowed to use all sports facilities as per timings attached as Annex C. Changes in timings will be communicated by sports staff / notice boards available at concerned sports facility / email.

Special Offers.

Following facilities will also be available to Alumni ASC members:-

a.    Mess Facility. Members can also enjoy dining facility of College of E&ME Mess. The Mess would be available to members for holding small get-togethers, birthday parties etc. Advance booking minimum two days prior to functions with Alumni Office would be necessary.

b.    Guest rooms Facility.    Guest rooms facility will also be available to members at reduced / faculty rates.

c.    Movie Shows.    ASC members will have access to Saeed Akhtar Auditorium for watching movies.

d.    Outsourcing of Sports Facilities.    Any member can sponsor a private school, private sports clubs / teams to use Sports facilities for short period of time. Application form to be filled and deposited by user is attached as Annexure D. Each sports facility will be offered at Rs 5000 per hour. Office responsible for maintenance / looking after of the particular sports facility to initiate a minute sheet clearly mentioning the date, duration, sponsoring Alumni member details and information of private agency applied for usage of sports facility for approval of Commandant of College of E&ME.  

Subscriptions and Accounting.    

Subscriptions and accounting will be maintained as under:-

a.    Cadets Battalion will collect monthly subscription.

b.    Amount collected will be forwarded to Account Branch Cadet Battalion by 10th of every month.

c.    Complete registration fee/ charges will be deposited in “EME Endowment Fund”. Half of the Monthly subscriptions will be deposited in EME Endowment Fund and remaining half to be spent on maintenance, uplifting of sports facilities and hiring of sports staff (if deemed necessary). A proper record will be maintained by Cadet Battalion regarding income and expenditures.

Special Instructions

a.    General Instructions

      (1)    Policy will be reviewed on 1st Jan of every year.

      (2)    Authorities of College of E&ME reserve the rights to make any changes in the policy at any time in consultation with the EMENENTS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION without consent of any other party.

      (3)    Alumni Sports Club Committee has the right to cancel ASC membership of any Alumni and / or any family member based on misconduct etc.

      (4)    In case of any dispute/challenge the decision of patron-in-Chief would be final.

b.    Sports Club Cadet Battalion / GS Branch

      (1)    Close liaison will be maintained with Alumni Coord Office for speedy flow of information and preparation of ASC Cards to ensure prompt assistance to Alumni.

      (2)    Prior information be given to Alumni Coord office regarding closure / non availability of any sports facility out of schedule so that ASC members may be intimated well in time through mobile communication / emails. Effort be also made to ensure communication of such eventuality to ASC members through sports facility staff to regular ASC members.

      (3)    Keeping in view likely influx of ASC members on weekends, all sports facilities shall remain operational on weekends. One suitable day be earmarked as maintenance day on which required facilities may be closed for maintenance purposes (with prior communication to ASC members). 

      (4)    Based on the turn out of ASC members, Special Incentive Allowance @ Rs. 150 per day may be paid out of ASC members’ subscription to each staff for working till late hours and weekends. In case there exists a requirement of additional staff, the same shall also be met through fresh hiring out of ASC 50% subscription or appointment of needy students on suitable payment, as deemed necessary. Volunteer employment of students would be encouraged.

      (5)    Proper complaint register be placed at all sports facilities and allied facilities (mess, guest rooms and Auditorium) for entry of suggestions / complaints. The same shall be processed to Deputy Commandant on weekly basis. In case situation warrants immediate response, register must be put up to Deputy Commandant the very next day of entry.

     (6)    Entry on membership cards be made by Sports Officer Cadet Battalion on deposit of monthly subscription. Suitable mechanism be devised through staff detailed with sports facilities that monthly subscription is deposited before 5th of each month by ASC members.

     (7)    Payment of guests (after 2 days) be received by sports staff. Complete record will be maintained in a separate register and amount be deposited in the EME Alumni Fund before 5th of each month.

c.    Almuni Coord Office

     (1)    This office shall act as coordinator of all aspects related to ASC members.

     (2)    Periodic feedback from ASC members be obtained.

 d.   ASC Members

     (1) Rules / regulations and timings of College sports facilities be followed in true letter and spirit.

     (2) ASC members must ensure high standard of respect and cooperation with other members (officers, cadets etc), sports staff and security personnel by themselves and their families. 

     (3) Alumni cannot apply for ASC membership unless he/ she is in possession of EME Alumni RFID Card and veh sticker (if applicable). However, applicant may apply for Alumni RFID Card and vehicle sticker along with the ASC Membership Form. Specimens of Alumni RFID Form and Vehicle Sicker are attached as Annex D and Annex E respectively.

     (4) Sports facilities shall remain closed on maintenance days and gazetted holidays.

     (5) Guests would be entertained free for initial 2 days, after which sponsor Alumni should either get the guest apply for membership (in case of an Alumni) or payment of Rs. 100/- be made on each day of attendance.

e.    Firing Club.

Handling with fire arms is always dangerous specially when handled by novices. Therefore, extreme care is desired from all quarters to avoid any untoward eventuality. Following must be ensured in this regard:-

(1) Security Office must devise smooth mechanism of running the Firing Club in collaboration with Cadet Battalion so as to ensure functioning and safety/ security during club timings.

(2) It must be ensured that military trained staff is employed in Firing Club and firing practices be conducted by a JCO minimum. 

(3) Detailed Safety instructions be prepared in English and Urdu and displayed at appropriate place in the Club. The staff must be trained to explain the range safety instructions to ASC members including families before entering into range / firing positions. 

(4) Families of ASC members must be accompanied by the member himself, without which firing will not be allowed to female family members. 

(5) Only 9 mm pistol, revolver and MP5 are allowed for firing practices. 

(6) Suitable quantity of small arms be purchased as property of firing club, if deemed necessary. 

(7) ASC members are allowed to bring along permitted aforementioned small arms having valid license. 

(8) Members will bring along their own ammunition for their own personal weapons. Required ammunition may be purchased by Firing Club for own weapons and expenditure be recouped from ASC member as per usage. A proper record to this eff be maintained by Firing Club staff duly signed by Security officer / concerned officer on weekly basis. 

 Contact Details. 

Following officials may be approached for queries / coordination in connection with membership:-

(a) Mr Abu Bakr Alvi(President EMEAA ) - 03335528261

(b) Mr Kamran Iqbal (Member EMEAA) - 03215563295

(c) Lt Col Khalid (Alumni Coord) - 03335194031

(d) Major Hassan Mujtaba (Sports Officer) - 03468806942

(e) Major Hassan Kamran (Security Officer) - 03336116363

(f) Captain (Honorary) Rehmat Ali (SM) - 03215041046

(g) Subedar Intizar Hussain (JA) - 03023845857 ​