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SSRL Research Group

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Research Group

Research Group Leader


Space Transportation Design (STD

Dr Ali Sarosh


Space Mission Design Research Group Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

Dr Ali Sarosh / Engr Mahhad Nayyar


Space Mission Analysis and Design (SMAD)

Dr Ali Sarosh / Engr Mahhad Nayyar


Student Satellite Design (SSD)

Dr Ali Sarosh / Engr Usman Iqbal

Research Papers

·                         A Computationally Intelligent Expert System for Design Parameterization of Sub-Orbital Carrier Vehicles

Journal of Space Technology (JST)

July 2016

ISSN 2077-3099 (Print); ISSN 2411-5029 (Online)


    • Dr. Ali Sarosh
    • bilal zafar
    • Abid Khan

·         The GA-ANN expert system for mass-model classification of TSTO surrogates

Aerospace Science and Technology, Elsevier Inc. USA

September 2015

A hybrid-heuristic machine learning methodology, based on hybrid genetic algorithm (GA) and artificial neural network (ANN) data classification methods is proposed as an expert system for assessing viability of surrogates of a two-stage-to-orbit (TSTO) vehicle.


    • Dr. Ali Sarosh
    • Yunfeng Dong​

·         Conceptual design of independently configurable Mach 6.8 hydrogen fuelled dual mode scramjet propulsion system

Institue of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad

August 2014


    • Dr. Ali Sarosh
    • Qasim Manzoor

·         A body-fitted coordinate system of elliptical O-grid for aerothermodynamics analysis of orbiter vehicle

IST Student Paper Research Conference (ISPRC)

August 2014

A novel Body fitted coordinate system of Elliptical O-grid was generated around the ELAC Orbiter stage (EOS) to analyze the aerothermodynamic phenomenon and different viscous interactions


    • Dr. Ali Sarosh,
    • Waqas Nasir

·         A Computationally Intlligent Solution for Design Parametrization of Sub-Orbital Carrier Vehicles

Inetrnational Conference on Space (ICS) 2014, COMSTECH Islamabad, Pk

November 2014


    • Dr. Ali Sarosh
    • bilal zafar

·         Case Based Reasoning Support for Adaptive Finite Element Analysis: Mesh Selection for an Integrated System

Applied Physics Research/ Canadian Center of Science and Education

April 2014​