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Head of Department Message

Thank you for your interest in Student Space Research Lab (SSRL), CAE.
This department level program at CAE is the pioneer in offering post graduate, undergraduate and professional courses of astronautics at NUST. The program also promotes students to undertake space research that promotes the idea of peaceful use of outer space amongst Pakistani scholars and researchers alike. The educational program we offer focus on imparting theoratical as well as experimental knowledge in various disciplines of astronautics. Our professional courses are aimed at capacity-building of industry for understanding the dynamics of space programs and managing space projects/programs. Our research work over the years has focused largely on areas of computational intelligence, commercial space transportation systems, power and propulsion, design and development of student satellites, space debris tracking and commercial SSA solution and space weather monitoring. We envisage that graduates from the SSRL  will contribute to the development of useful space products, conduct of new research and assist in developing new educational programs. We desire wider sense of ethical moral and social
We strive to develop amongst our graduates the ability to possess sound engineering knowledge, the ability to analyze problems innovate solutions and to investigate space phenomena, develop modern tools and possess a passion for life long learinigng while  ensuring a sense of responsibility towards society, the environment and ethical values both as individuals and teams . The program has four academia research groups Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Space Mission Analysis and Design (SMAD), Student Satellite Design (SSD), Space Transportation Design (STD). Each group has faculty members with specialization in their area of expertise and having sufficient research and practical experience.
We welcome your interest to discover the new horizons in astronautics and purse your career in such a dynamic learning environment.