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Industrial Engineering Workshop

It is the powerhouse of the Industrial Engineering Department. It comprises different shops like metal sheet shop, machine shop, welding shops, electric shop, paint shop and carpenter shop. Different types of manual and powered tools are available to the students for metal sheet work. The workshop facilities are utilized to provide training in various Workshop Technology and Production Engineering courses. The work shop is equipped with machines for all types of sheet metal work including drilling, bending, folding, cutting, shearing and fastening. The machine shop is equipped with ten lath machines, three universal milling machines and a non-traditional Electric Discharge Machine. Four types of welding facilities are available for the training and educational purposes. The welding equipment includes plants for conventional gas and electric welding in addition to two sophisticated Argon Arc Welding plants. A Resistance Spot welding facility is also available in the workshop. Students are also trained to assemble electrical connectors and looms in the electric shop. Different troubleshooting techniques for electrical circuits are also introduced to the students. The Industrial Engineering workshop plays a vital role during the final year project phase. The technical assistance and fabrication facilities are extended to the students to complete their projects.

ARGON Welding Lab.jpgElectric Lab.jpgEDM shop.jpg

Electric Lab.jpgWood machine Lab1.jpgMetal Shop IE.jpg
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