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Mr. Mudassir Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Aerospace Engineering Department

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
College of Aeronautical Engineering, PAF Academy, Risalpur
Tel : 0334-2176068

Fluid Dynamics, High Speed Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Aircraft Dynamics and Control

MS (Fluid Dynamics), Air University, Islamabad

Mr. Mudassir Ahmed is an assistant professor in Aerodynamics Group at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) Pakistan. He completed his undergraduate studies from CAE Risalpur in 2002, in the specialty of Aerospace Engineering. He holds a Masters degree in Fluid Dynamics from Air University. His professional experience includes 10 years of aircraft maintenance and aviation management. Since 2011, he has been involved with Research and development projects at CAE and major focus is conducting:

(a)    Experimental and Numerical based flow simulations over various aircraft / shapes

(b)   Multiphase flow simulations in an Effervescent injector

(c)    Analytical solution of Ejector Pumps

(d)   Aircraft Dynamics and Control problems​​​​​

Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics in Subsonic and Supersonic Wind Tunnels, Effervescent Injectors and Sprays, CFD of multiphase flows, Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control



Ahmed M, and Masud J, “A Novel Design of an Effervescent Atomizer with Gas Injection at Reduced Pressures” Patent application submitted to USPTO through Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan (US Patent application Serial No 14/699,855)

 Conference Papers


1.      Ahmed M, Hussain T, and Khan A A, "Artificial Intelligence Assisting Nozzle Geometry Design" (2003) Proceedings of (NCI 2003) the lASTED International Conference of Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence at Cancun, Mexico, May 2003 Vol: pp:169-173

2.      Ahmed M, Masud J, “Novel Concept for Gas Injection at Low Pressure in an Effervescent Atomizer” 52nd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting 2014,

 (doi: 10.2514/6.2014-1187)​ 

Basic & Applied Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Wind Tunnel Testing (Subsonic & Supersonic), High Speed Aerodynamics, Aircraft Dynamics & Control

Senior Engineering Officer (Fighter Aircraft Squadron), 1st & 2nd Level Maintenance Engineer on Turbojet Engines, Aircraft Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Incharge