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Dr. Zahid Mehmood
Assistant Professor
Aerospace Engineering Department

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
College of Aeronautical Engineering, PAF Academy, Risalpur
Tel : +923239389698

MEMS Sensors Design, Modeling, Analysis, Fabrication, Characterization and Optimization, Material Selection and Optimization, Composite Materials, Structural Modeling and Analysis, Structural Health Monitoring

PhD (Material and Design Optimization of Micro-Sensors) Air University, Islamabad M.S. in Solid Mechanics,Air University, Islamabad,Bachelor of Engineer, NUST Islamabad

Zahid Mehmood is serving as Assistant Professor of Aerodynamics at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, CAE, NUST. He received his B.Engg. from NUST in 2003. He then worked as a Technical Manager in Aviation industry for six years before undertaking MS (Solid Mechanics) studies at Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan from 2009 to 2011. He also served as Lecturer at NUST from 2011-2014. Currently he is pursuing a PhD focusing at  “Design and Materials Optimisation for MEMS sensors” at Air University, Islamabad with a Visiting Researcher position at University of Cambridge, UK under the Knowledge Economy Partnership grant provided jointly by British. Since 2014, he has been involved in the research of MEMS sensors, with an emphasis on design and material aspects of the three types of key MEMS sensors i.e. Pressure, Temperature and Wall Shear Stress / Velocity / Flow, required to measure the three key fluidic parameters in Aerospace / Mechanical industry in collaboration with National Instruments, Arabia and Light Bridge Communication, Asia Pacific.  



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Taught undergraduate courses: (1) Mechanics of Materials, (2) Engineering Statics, (3) Computer Aided Drawing, (4) Thin Walled Structures courses and (5) Fluid Mechanics. Also supervised the final year projects for undergraduate (BE) students

​​Aerospace Maintenance Engineer
  1. 2007-09: Organisational level maintenance (first line)
  2. 2003-07: Second line maintenance (2003-2007)