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Engr. Muzaffar Habib
Assistant Professor
Aerospace Engineering Department

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
College of Aeronautical Engineering, PAF Academy, Risalpur
Tel : 0320-8822808

Flight Stability, Dynamics and Controls, Intelligent Flight control systems, Reinforcement Learning,UAV Design, Computational Intelligence, Computational Fluid Dynamics

MS Aerospace (Flight Controls) Air University, Islamabad

Muzaffar Habib is an assistant professor of aerodynamics at the department of aerospace engineering, College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) Pakistan. He completed his undergraduate studies from CAE Risalpur in 2013, in the specialty of aerospace engineering. He holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace (Flight Controls) from Air University, Islamabad. His industrial experience includes eight years of managing O-level and I-level maintenance of PAF aircraft. He graduated from College of Aeronautical Engineering PAF Academy Risalpur in 2013. Later he worked as field maintenance engineer of trainer aircraft for 3 years. He completed his MS in Aerodynamics in 2019. He is currently positioned as Instructor at Aerospace Engineering Dept, CAE.
Stability and Control of a quadcopter using Reinforcement learning

1.  Stability and Control of a quadcopter after the loss of one propeller using Reinforcement learning’, IEEE Aero Conference 2020.

Heat Transfer, Applied Aerothermodynamics
Certification Engineer at PAF Airworthiness Certification Authority for 2 years

Maintenance Engineer for Trainer Aircraft for 3 years.