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Dr. Asad Hameed
Assistant Professor
Aerospace Engineering Department

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
College of Aeronautical Engineering, PAF Academy, Risalpur
Tel : 0323-8800955

Materials Characterisation,Mechanical Testing at ambient and elevated temperatures,Failure Analysis,Nanocomposites

DPhil (Materials), Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK, MS (Materials and Surface Engineering), SCME, NUST, Pakistan, BE (Aerospace Engineering), CAE, NUST, Pakistan

Dr. Asad Hameed is an assistant professor of aerospace materials at the department of aerospace engineering, College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) Pakistan. He completed his undergraduate studies from CAE Risalpur in 2003, in the specialty of aerospace engineering. He holds a Master’s degree in Materials and surface engineering from SCME, NUST. He holds a DPhil (PhD) degree in Materials from the coveted University of Oxford, UK. His industrial experience includes seven years of managing O-level and I-level maintenance of a Jet engine and a Jet aircraft. Additionally he is involved in investigations and root cause failure analysis and of the aerospace components. Some of his recent research outcomes include:-
MS Projects  

1. Study and Analysis of Static and Fatigue Strength of Adhesively bonded riveted joints
2. Structural Design and Optimization of sensing elements in a MEMS aspirating probe (MAP) used in aerospace application
3.  Application of Cold spray coating in failure prevention of an aircraft hydraulic pipes
4. Application of Cold spray coating in fracture retardation of Aircraft panels
5.  Root cause failure Analysis of Fractured turbine blade of a turbo jet engine

BE Projects

1.  A Study of Effects of Heat Treatment on Phase Transformation of a High Pressure Turbine   Rotor Blade of a Turbofan Engine
2. Strengthening and failure mechanisms in a steel alloy
3. Establishment of Load testing facility for landing gear of a trainer Aircraft
4. Determining input for damage tolerance analysis of a Trainer Aircraft
5. Root cause failure Analysis of Aerospace Components (Failed Landing gear)
6. An Experimental study of effect of engine vibrations in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft 
7.  Root cause failure Analysis of Aerospace Components (Failed Hydraulic pump shafts)  

Failure Analysis/ Materials Characterisation / Metallic Materials Nanoquasicrystalline alloys / Mechanical property testing / Polymer Nano composites/ Carbon nanotubes

Journal Papers

 1   Mahmood, N., Islam, M., Hameed, A., & Saeed, S. (2013). Polyamide 6/multiwalled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites with modified morphology and thermal properties. Polymers, 5(4), 1380-1391. (IF 2.93)

2   Mahmood, N., Islam, M., Hameed, A., Saeed, S., & Khan, A. N. (2014). Polyamide-6-based composites reinforced with pristine or functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes produced using melt extrusion technique. Journal of Composite Materials, 48(10), 1197-1207. (IF 1.63)

3   Hameed, A., Islam, M., Ahmad, I., Mahmood, N., Saeed, S., & Javed, H. (2015). Thermal and mechanical properties of carbon nanotube/epoxy nanocomposites reinforced with pristine and functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Polymer Composites, 36(10), 1891-1898. (IF 1.94)

4   Javed, H., Islam, M., Mahmood, N., Achour, A., Hameed, A., & Khatri, N. (2016). Catalytic growth of multi-walled carbon nanotubes using NiFe2O4 nanoparticles and incorporation into epoxy matrix for enhanced mechanical properties. Journal of Polymer Engineering, 36(1), 53-64. (IF 0.78)

5 Javed, A., Baig, A. A., Djidjeli, K., Shahzad, A., & Hameed, A. (2019). Upwind skewed radial basis functions (USRBF) for solution of highly convective problems over meshfree nodes. Engineering with Computers, 1-17. (IF=3.55)

Mechanical behaviour of Materials, Advanced Materials, Aircraft Structure and Machine Design, Materials Science and Engineering, Character building and Leadership

Engineering Officer I-Level (Jet Engine Maintenance) duration 02 years

Engineering Officer O-Level (Jet Aircraft Maintenance) duration 03 years

Assistant President Engine Investigation at Safety Board, PAC Kamra ( 1.5 Years)