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Bachelors of Engineering in Software Engineering

The BESE programme is designed to train students to become software engineers that are equipped to handle all phases of the software development process. The core courses include Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Software Quality Engineering, Software Project Management, etc.

 The aim of the Bachelors in Software Engineering degree is to produce well-rounded software engineers who can fulfil the demand for software researchers, academics and developers in Pakistan. While the study of software engineering has a lot in common with computer science, software engineers learn much more about creating high-quality software in a systematic, controlled, and efficient manner.

With software permeating virtually all aspects of our work, a Software Engineering graduate has the option to work in many different sectors such as software industry, telecommunication, finance, healthcare, transport, etc. Other engineering areas like aeronautical, automotive, etc. also have increasing needs for software engineering. In addition, the SE programme develops a strong background for pursuing higher education and research. Graduates from our programmes are studying and doing research at some of the best universities and institutes around the world.