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Structures Lab

This lab has one 60-Ton (fully computerized) and two 10-Ton Universal Testing Machines used for tensile, compressive, shear and bending tests. A 150 kg-m Torque Testing Machine is also available for torsional loads. A Polariscope and a Level Field Meter have been installed in this laboratory to observe stress concentration and deformation patterns under structural loads. Strain Lacquer Technique and Photo Elasticity equipment are also available for stress analysis. Conventional as well as digital strain measuring equipment, for converting raw strain data into stress using built in data processing facility, are also available in this lab. In addition, the lab possesses Shear Web, Shear Center and Shear Force Apparatus, Torsion of Bars and Torsion of box Apparatus, Deflection of beam and Curved Bar Deflection Apparatus. The lab has recently been equipped with five new testing machines which includes Torsion Testing Machine, Pendulum Impact Tester, Fatigue Testing Apparatus, Free and Forced Vibration Apparatus, and Creep Testing Machine. A new attraction being inducted in near future is the Strain Gauge Apparatus with System-6000 data Acquisition System.

DSC_0129.jpgAircraft Structure Lab 2.jpgAircraft Internal view.jpg