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Numerical Analysis Laboratory

Numerical Analysis Laboratory is equipped with high-tech computational facilities required for the numerical simulation of Flow problems as well as Structural Analysis. The lab’s inventory includes a parallel-computing facility based on a 16-node Beowulf cluster (which is being considered for up-graduation to 64 nodes), 02 SUN Blade workstations and 12 dual-processor, high performance PC workstations. Student as well as Enterprise editions of latest engineering software like ANSYS including ANSYS workbench, Gambit and Fluent are available on the network for computation and research work in various fields including Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aircraft Design, Finite Element Analysis based Structural Analysis (both Linear & non-Linear), Propulsion & Hear Transfer analysis and CAD/CAM. FORTRAN, C++, Visual Basic and MATLAB are used for most of the programming work on the PCs.

NAL Class Room.jpgSimulation Lab.jpg