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Purpose and Background

PEC sponsored short course on Material Failure Analysis is being arranged to create an understanding on how and why materials fail and factors that contribute to such failures. It bridges a gap between theoretical concepts and their application in field. Material Failure Analysis is an important engineering function that can occur due to a variety of reasons

  • Design errors
  • Improper material
  • Improper manufacturing process
  • Unforeseen operating conditions
  • Improper maintenance

A thorough understanding of Material failures can enable engineers to improve on their design, manufacturing and maintenance practices. Purpose of this course is to equip engineers with adequate understanding of this subject so that they can efficiently apply their engineering knowledge on practical cases they encounter in field / industry. With the understanding of this subject, engineers can improve their design / manufacturing and maintenance procedures to provide a better and safer product to their clients.

Learning Objectives & Benefits

This course has been designed to familiarize engineers with modern trends and techniques available for material failure analysis. In this course, in addition to metals such as Aluminum and Ferrous alloys, a substantial part has been dedicated for other advance materials such as polymers and polymer based composites. Advance concepts such as low and high cycle fatigue, thermal and residual stresses are also introduced.

The last part of the course covers modern material analysis and forensic techniques such as metallography and fractography, using modern scientific tools like Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

Course Breakdown





  • Composites
  • Polymers
  • Introduction
  • Characterization
  • Degradation
  • Application

  • Materials and Heat Treatment

  • Micro Structure
  • Phase Diagrams
  • Heat Treatment
  •  Material Properties

  • Material properties
  • Stress-Strain
  • Failure / Yield Criterions

    Fatigue and Creep

  • Fatigue and Creep
  • Fractography
  • NDI Techniques

  •  Case Studies

  • Case Study I
  • Case Study II
  • Lab visits and demonstration