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Purpose and Background

PEC sponsored short course on Aero Engine Performance is being arranged for engineers to educated them on performance parameters and performance analysis of Aero Engines.

Turbines revolutionized airplane propulsion in the 1940s, and through today have been a popular choice for shaft power delivery all over the world. Aero-engine performance deals with the thrust power delivery while ensuring stable and safe operation throughout the operational envelop. Aero-engines are mainly the gas turbine engines and gas turbine engines are also used to deliver shaft power. Thrust or shaft power is the key parameter in which every buyer and seller is interested. This course provides an equal opportunity for engineers working with air and land based gas turbines to understand the basic performance parameters such as:


  • Net thrust or power output

  • Specific thrust or power

  • Specific fuel consumption

  • Propulsive or thermal efficiency


Learning Objectives & Benefits

For performance analysis much attention is now being given to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) however, the fundamentals do not change and this course is concerned with the basics of the subject as well as looking at new ideas.

 Course Breakdown



  •          Thermodynamics                                  

  •            Heat Energy and Power

  •            Brayton and Jet Engine Cycles                     

  •            Engine Controls                                    

  •            Engine Performance Parameters      

  •            Effects of Intake and Nozzle on                     

  •            Engine Performance

  •            Turbo-Machinery                                  

  •            Engine Maintenance                           

  •            Engine Indications & Instrumentation          

  •            Engine Defects                                     

  •            Engine Acoustic and CFD                  

  •            Design Optimization                             

  •            Lab Visit                                      

  •            Gas Turbine Software                          

  •            Computer Simulations