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Alumni Testimonials

“I am Saleem Shahid and I joined RIMMS as MS Student in September 2011. It was a wonderful experience as a student to work with highly talented faculty and using state-of-the-art testing and measurement facilities like Network Analyzer, Anechoic Chamber and EMC/EMI Chamber. RIMMS is a place full of opportunities, I got a chance to work on the antenna measurement project of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. RIMMS inside NUST is truly a place of defining futures.”........ 
Saleem Shahid

I am Sana Ahmed and I joined RIMMS as MS student in 2013. Joining RIMMS, NUST as a post-graduate student was one of the best decisions of my life. This institute is committed to research at high standards. I indeed believe studying here has made me a better person, broadened my horizon and helped me to expand my skills and learning. The highly qualified faculty, the resources, and the learning environment established at RIMMS set me up very well for the job I have now and gave me all the tools to boost my professional and research career. The things I admire the most is the support received from everyone at the institute and life­long connections made here. The time spent here has left remarkable inscriptions on me and is truly unforgettable.
Sana Ahmed

I am Saba Fatima and I joined RIMMS in 2012. I choose to learn from the best. My two years in the Master’s program at the RIMMS institute were among the best years of my life. The progressive structure of this department led to my increased confidence as an Electrical Engineer. It combined both of my passions: engineering and education. The balance between theoretical and practical teaching was enough to gain the essential knowledge. The faculty is excellent- they are enthusiastic and care about their students and the research requirements according to the latest technology. Currently, I am working as a Senior RF/ MW Design Engineer at an R&D firm and am using the theoretical and technical knowledge gained during the educational experience at NUST. There have been several eureka moments that I will cherish throughout my life. It offered me a first-class education; the space to grow as an individual, to try new things and to meet new and interesting people. There was encouragement coming from all sides and that can never be underestimated in contributing to a successful RF & MW Engineer. I gained much more from the degree than I anticipated and I am proud to say that I’m a NUST graduate.
Saba Fatima

S# Name
1 Aqeel Ahmad Qureshi
2 Muhammad Ali Khalid
3 Mohaira Ahmad
4 Muhammad Junaid Bashir Awan
5 Hammad Tanveer Butt
6 Muneeba Ahmed
7 Maira Islam
8 Taimoor Naeem
9 Sohaib Saadat Afridi
10 Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan
11 Omama Masood
12 Saleem Shahid
13 Muhammad Ali Babar Abassi
14 Muhammad Rizwan
15 Aqeela Saghir
16 Muhammad Kamran Arshad
17 Shan Ullah
18 Muhammad Hassan Shabbir
19 Muhammad Waseem Arshad
20 Sami ur Rehman
21 Rafaq Iqbal Ansari
22 Saba Fatima
23 Benazeer Bhellar
24 Sana Ahmed
25 Aqeel Hussain Naqvi
26 Syed Muhammad Hamza
27 Abdul Quddious
28 Ambreen Javed
29 Munawar Masood Khan
30 Faqeed Haider Ali
31 Maryem Tanveer
32 Ahsan Zafar
33 Irfan Hasnain
34 Asif Bilal
35 Muhammad Ayaz Zakir
36 Muhammad Saad Khan
37 Ahmad Raza Danish
38 Ahmed Shafqat
39 Muhammad Faisal Kaukab
40 Muhammad Umair
41 Amber Abdullah
42 Muhammad Ahmad Mahmood
43 Syed Bilal Raza
44 Talha Arshed
45 Aqsa Ahmad
46 Ziauddin Sheikh
47 Zain bin khalid
48 Memoona Farooq
49 Ali Raza
50 Wajid Zaman
51 Zain Haider
52 Farah Latif
53 Amar Ud Din
54 Muhammad Ahsan Ashraf
55 Saqib Ali
56 Saba Arshad
57 Hamza Ahmad
58 Afnan Riaz
59 Syed Salman Haider
60 Muhammad Ahmad
61 Muneeba Afzal
62 Muhammad Rizwan Wali
63 Javaria Nadeem
64 Asim Saleem
65 Malik Muhammad Sohaib Aslam
66 Fatima Khalid
67 Muhammad Hammad Akhtar
68 Warda Saeed
69 Tayyab Hassan
70 Abdul Jabbar
71 Meraj E Mustafa
72 Muhammad Salman Wahidi
73 Ramiz Izhar
74 Salman Zahid
75 Syeda Narjis Fatima Zaidi
​78 Fahad Ahmed