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Professional Workshop on Emerging Trends Microwave Engineering for Wireless Communications
Start Date 
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The objectives of this workshop are to educate the professionals from academia and industry, having curiosity and eager to explore new avenues in the field of RF and Microwave Engineering. This shall be an intermediate to skilled level workshop which will enable participants understanding the latest trends in Antenna Multiplicity, Transmit Diversity for backscatter systems, Printed Antenna Technology, Scale-changing and Retro-directive techniques for modeling Phased-Arrays. This will enhance their knowledge level about the recent trends in RF and Microwave engineering techniques and technologies. A tour of test and measurement facilities: Anechoic Chamber, Microwave Research Lab and EMC/EMI Lab, at RIMMS will also be conducted.

Course Venue

RIMMS Seminar Hall and Labs, NUST, Sector H-12, Islamabad 44000

Date & Time

20 December 2013 Friday | 9:00am to 5:00pm

Organizers Speakers Workshop Fee and Discount

Rs. 1,200/- (Rupees one thousand two hundred only) per individual


  • 50% discount for students.
  • The institute reserves the rights to cancel the workshop on any technical grounds found necessary.
Registration and Mode of Payment
  • Mode of Payment: 

    • Payment should be made in the name of “NUST-SEECS Consultancy Fund” Please pay through Crossed Cheque in the name of "NUST-SEECS Consultancy Fund" Account No. CD 22927000074501, maintained with "HBL NUST Branch Sector H-12, Islamabad"

    • Scanned copy or snap (readable) of the Deposit Receipt can be emailed at contacts given below for help.

For help in registration and payment please contact coordinators below: