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Five days Professional Training Workshop on EMC-EMI
Start Date 
End Date 


Professional trainig on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electromagnetic Interference and related testing and measurements.


The outline of the subjects planned to be covered is as following.Course can contain other material in support to the following and can be adjusted as per flow or requirements of participants / instructors.

  • Fundamentals of EMI/EMC

  • Familiarization with the Lab Equipment of all RF & Microwave Labs in RIMMS
  • (Anechoic Chamber, Shielded, Semi Shielded, TEM cell, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, etc)
  • Introduction to EMI/EMC Lab Experiments (Conducted & Radiated)
  • International Standards and Regulatory Authorities (Commercial & Military)
  • Hands on experience in conducting EMI/EMC tests as per International Standards (CISPR)

  • EMC Issues in RF Connectors

  • How to get electromagnetically compatible (Shielding principles, grounding techniques, etc)

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum and Applications

  • Shielding of Power Cables

  • Effective PCB Design by considering EMI/EMC issues

  • EMI/EMC issues in Modern Automotives

  • Computational Electromagnetism

  • EMC System Engineering

Resource Persons
  • Dr. Rashid Ahmad Bhatti
  • Dr. Farooq Ahmed Tahit/ Dr. Inam Elahi Rana
  • Mr.Ahmaed Shafqat
  • Mr.Yasir Iqbal
  • Mr. Ahsan Azhar
  • Mr. M. Ali Khalid
  • Mr. G. H. Asim
  • Mr.Arslan Ahmed
  • Dr. Munir Ahmed Tarar
  • Mr.Ahmaed Shafqat
  • Mr. G. H. Asim
  • Syed Khawar Ali Raza

Course Venue

RIMMS Seminar Hall and Labs, NUST, Sector H-12, Islamabad 44000

Registration, Charges and Mode of Payment

  • Industry Professionals/Engineers:
    • Rs 25,000/- per individual (Engineers be awadded 1 PEC-CPD point)
    • Group Discount (6 and above): 10% off
    • NUST Students: Rs 2,400/- per individual (without PEC-CPD point)
    • NUST Students: Rs 3,000/- per individual (with PEC-CPD point​)
    • Non-NUST Students: Rs 4,600/- per individual (without PEC-CPD point​)
    • Non-NUST Students: Rs 6,000/- per individual (with PEC-CPD point​)

Mode of Payment: ​Payment should be made in the name of "NUST-SEECS Consultancy Fund".

For registration and payment please contact: