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Facts and Figures
RIMMS is the only institute of Pakistan offering MS and Ph.D. Electrical Engineering with a focus on RF and Microwave since 2010. It is the only Pakistani Academic institute to have Anechoic Chamber and specialized labs second to none. Aim of the institute is to become a leading research institute of the country in the RF & Microwave domain for which it is pertinent to initiate activities of relevant technical societies in the region. In that context, the first country-wide joint chapter of IEEE [Microwave Theory & Techniques Society (MTT-S), Antenna & Propagation (AP) Society and Electromagnetic Compatibility/Interference (EMC/I) Society] has been established. The chapter was approved by IEEE Islamabad Section and IEEE International in May and Oct 2017 respectively. The aim was to leverage the wide network of IEEE for the benefits of graduate students/faculty and to promote the teaching/research collaboration in this region. This joint chapter will enable the Institute to invite distinguished foreign speakers to NUST and also to organize themed workshops/seminars on Electromagnetic Circuit Simulators, RF Measurements and EMC/I. Dr. Nosherwan Shoaib and Dr. Hammad M. Cheema are the chair and co-chair for the joint chapter respectively. 

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