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Course Description

Core Courses:

5  SYSE-899 MS Thesis

Specialization Courses (Autonomous Aerospace Systems):

1  SYSE-821 Unmanned Aircraft Systems
2  SYSE-822 Applied Aerodynamics
3  SYSE-823 Performance Analysis of Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft
4  SYSE-812 Human Factors Engineering

Specialization Courses (Cognitive Systems):

1   PSY-823    Psychology of Learning & Cognition
2   SYSE-812 Human Factors Engineering
3   SYSE-813 Interaction Design
4   SYSE-814 Human Supervisory Control
5   SYSE-817 Design and Analysis of Experiments
6   SYSE-812 Human Factors Engineering
7   CSE-883   Data Analysis & Statistics
8   CSE-870   Petri-Nets
9   SYSE-817 Design and Analysis of Experiments

Specialization Courses (Communication & Network Systems):

1   CSE-841   Communication Systems & Networks
2   CSE-842   Performance Analysis of Comm Systems
3   CSE-843   Performance Analysis of Networks
4   SYSE-812 Human Factors Engineering
5   IT-877        Advanced Computer Networks
6   EE-831     Advanced Digital Signal Processing
7   EE-851     Advanced Digital Communication Systems
8   SYSE-831 Introduction to Information Security
9   SYSE-832 Network & System Level Security

Specialization Courses (Real-Time Systems):

1   CSE-870    Petri Nets
2   CSE-952    Advanced Model Checking
3   CSE-869    Real-time Systems
4   CSE-815    Graph Theory & Algorithms
5   CSE-867    Virtual Reality
6   CSE-865    3D Geometric Modeling and Reconstruction
7   CSE-868    Human-Computer Interaction