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Dr. Zartasha Mustansar
Assistant Professor
Department of Computational Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Research Center of Modeling and Simulation(RCMS), Academic-I Building, NUST Campus, H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel : +92-51-9085-5743

Image-Based Modeling

PhD (University of Manchester UK)


Dr Zartasha Mustansar received her PhD from The University of Manchester, UK in 2013. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in Department of Computational Engineering, RCMS NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan since 2015. She has various publications in international journals and conferences and has also been invited as a reviewer of international journals and conferences.  Her work is driven towards bone and brain simulations using numerical and computer aided techniques with state-of-the-art methods including Image based modeling and Finite Elements. Her research seeks to understand underlying mechanisms of materials under external loading. She is also looking after areas like, Bio-mechanics, Modeling and Simulation, Advanced Bio mechanical systems, Musculo-skeleton modeling, Brain tumour classification and detection in the Biomedical Engineering Research Group at NUST.

Courses Taught

  • Computational Modeling and Simulation of Physiological Systems
  • Biomechanics
  • Analysis of Advanced Biomechanical Systems
  • Image based modeling
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineers Research Group at RCMS

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  • Students under supervision

    1.    Awais Munawwar Qureshi (PhD student)
    2.    Nabisha Farooq (MS student)
    3.    Saman Safdar (MS student)
    4.    Rimsha Khan (MS student)
    5.    Maria Rathore (MS student)
    6.    Sidra Yasmin (MS student)
    7.    Wajeeha Batool (MS student)
    8.    Sidra Khan (MS student) –School of Manufacture & Mechanical Engineering.

     Important Projects and MS/PhD Students

    1.    Electromagnetic based impedance tomography (EMIT) and Microwave Imaging (MWI) using realistic human head model - PhD Project. 
            Role: Supervisor/PI (2013 – December 2018) [Status: In progress].
    2.    Development of patient specific Finite element models of coronary calcified plaque to map progressive damage in coronary artery; using image processing and   numerical modeling, MS Project
            Role: Supervisor/PI -[2016-2018] [Status: In Progress].
    3.    Computational Modeling of Charcot foot using Finite Elements – MS Project
           Supervisor/PI [2017 -2019] [Status: In Progress].
    4.    Computational Modeling of increased intracranial pressure in a tumor brain using Finite Element Analysis – MS Project
           Role: Supervisor/PI (September 2015 – 2018) [Status: In Progress].
    5.    Investigating Locomotion Performance Using Evolutionary Robotics simulation program and its Possible Optimization – MS Project
           Role: Supervisor/Principal Investigator (September 2015 – 2018) [Status: In Progress].
    6.    Computational Modeling of Femoral Necrosis and Bone Remodeling using Finite Element Analysis  - MS Project
           Supervisor/PI (September 2015 – December 2018) [Status: In Progress].
    7.    Mechanical strength of tooth in different conditions treated endodontically – MS Project
           Role: Supervisor/PI  (September 2015 – July 2017) [Status = Completed].
    8.    Development of Location Specific Finite Element Head Model for the Study of Damage Progression in Head Impact Injury;  MS Project
           Role: Supervisor/PI - July 2015-July 2016 [Status = Completed].
    9.    Selection of modeling level of detail to incorporate stress analysis into evolutionary robotics simulation of extinct and extant vertebrates (PhD)
           Role: PI [Completed].
    10.    Graphical User Interface to Modeler for Protein Modeling (Completed) with NU-FAST Islamabad under the supervision of Dr. Qasim Sheikh (Ex. Prof. Comp Science  Department, NU- FAST) also with the coordination of IIUI
              Role: PI  (Degree Project – BS ).
  • Mustansar Z, McDonald S A, Sellers W.I, Mummery P, Kugler H, Manning P. L, Withers P J and Margetts L, Progression of strain using x-ray micro-tomography and digital volume correlation: 2017 PeerJ 5:e3416; DOI 10.7717/peerj.3416
  • Qureshi, A.M. and Mustansar, Z., 2017. Levels of detail analysis of microwave scattering from human head models for brain stroke detection. PeerJ, 5, p.e4061.
  • Zartasha Mustansar, Arslan Shaukat and Lee Margetts, 2016 IEEE - 7th International Conference on Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (ICMAE), London United Kingdom Vol:108 - 13002 (2017)
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  • Rimsha Khan and Zartasha Mustansar, Reliability of using values of elastic modulus for nonhomogeneous materials, volume 49, Issue 09001, 6th International Conference on Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, January 2016, Pattaya-Thailand.
  • Awais Munawar, Zartasha Mustansar and Adnan Maqsood., 2016 JPIER – M ; Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 52, 45–56, 20165.
  • Munawar HS, Maqsood A, and Mustansar Z (2017). Isotropic surround suppression and Hough transform based target recognition from aerial images. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 4(8): 37-42
  • Mustansar Z., Margetts L., Manning P.L., Kuglar. H, and Sellers W.I, The relationship between level of detail and accuracy in the predictive modelling of mechanical loading in extant vertebrate long bones (submitted in the Journal of PLoSONE)
  • Mustansar Z., Margetts L., Manning P.L and Kuglar. H, A study of bone remodelling after injury in Tyrannosaurus rex, (submitted in Journal of Royal Society Interface).
  • Mustansar Z., Margetts L., and Kugler H "A critical review of the derivation of values for the elastic properties of bone" (to be submitted in the Journal of PLoSONE)
  • Mustansar Z, McDonald S A, Sellers W.I, Mummery P, Kugler H, Manning P. L, Withers P J and Margetts L, Progression of strain using x-ray micro-tomography and digital volume correlation: Branta leucopsis femur (to be submitted in the Journal of PLoSONE)
  • Manning, P., Margetts, L., Johnson, M., Mustansar, Z. & Mummery, P. 2009 A finite element approach to the biomechanics of dromaeosaurid dinosaur claws. In Journal of vertebrate paleontology (pp. 141a-141a), soc vertebrate paleontology 60 revere dr, ste 500,Northbrook, IL 60062 USA.
  • Margetts, L., Manning, P. L., Mustansar, Z. and Johnson, M. "Reliability of image-based finite element modeling in vertebrate palaeontology", Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology, Pittsburgh (USA), October 2010.
  • Mustansar Z., Johnson, M., Manning P.L., Design and evaluation of a virtual rig for mechanical testing of fossil bones, Oral Talk: Simpleware Users Meeting-ARUP, Solihull (UK), June 2010.
  • Johnson, M. R., Mustansar, Z., Margetts, L., Mummery, P. M., Manning, P. L. Image Based modelling of dinosaurs, Poster presentation: Biomedical Imaging Institute Showcase-University of Manchester (UK), November 2009.
  • Mustansar Z., Margetts L., Manning P.L. and Kugler H., Reverse engineering dinosaurs, poster presentation: Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK), 29 June-4 July 2009.
  • Mustansar Z., Margetts L., Manning P.L., Kuglar. H, and Sellers W.I, Computer aided insights into biomechanics of dinosaurs, Poster presentation and Oral Talk: University of Arizona- Tucson (USA), 29th September-3rd October 2009.
  • Johnson, M., Mustansar, Z., Manning, P., Margetts, L., Mummery, P., Virtual repair of fossil CT Scan Data, Oral Talk: Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology and the 57th Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy (SVPCA) - University of Bristol (UK), 22nd -26th September, 2009.
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  • Manning, P., Margetts, L., Johnson, M., Mustansar, Z., Mummery, P., Finite element approach to the biomechanics of dromaeosaurid dinosaur claws, Technical session oral talk: Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology-University of Bristol (UK), 22nd-26th September, 2009.
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  • Johnson M and Mustansar Z., A study of the biomechanics of the terminal ungual phalanx from Velociraptor using computer aided engineering, 4th North West Biomechanics Research Day, Institute for Health and Social Care Research-University of Salford (UK), 15 May 2009.
  • Mustansar Z., Hashmi Z. , Muzaffar R.,Qurat-ul-ain , Biocruise, An interactive Graphical User Interface GUI to Protein Modeller9v1 for Protein Homology Modeling.,Technical Poster, Grace Hopper conference for women in computing, October 1-3 2008, Keystone Colarado USA.
  • Khalid S. , Mehmood F. ,Shahzad M. , Syed Z. ,Mustansar Z. , Fatima A. and Khanum A.Cloning, Expression and Modeling of Bovine Somatotropin Harmone with Local Breed Nili . Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan. Volume 30 No: 4 August2008 (
  • Public engagement in science and robotics
  • Mustansar Z., Robogals Manchester Chapter 2010 - The Year in Review, The Robogals Amplifier,Volume 2 No: 1 January 2011. (
  • Mustansar Z., Leay, L., Maynard L., Ungureanu I., Playing Doctor with Robotics—A Fulfilling Semester Teaching Young Girls, The Robogals Amplifier,Volume 1 No: 4 December 2010. (

    Assistant Professor National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad

    Feb 2015- Present


    Teaching and supervising projects.

    Student Coordinator WiSet, University of Manchester UK


  • Managing SEAES events
  • Organizing interactive science events in public 
  • Weekly meetings to promote science among women 
  • Managing problems of female scientists across schools
  • President – Robogals Chapter – University of Manchester UK


  • Programming robots
  •  Managing Lego league kits for schools across Manchester
  •  Organizing weekly meetings with the team
  •  Fund – raising for robotic engineering
  •  Making the First Lego League competition possible
  •  Teaching school students across Manchester
  • Research Associate COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

  • Worked on the project titled: Genetic Analysis of skeletal disorders ,in collaboration with Shifa College of Medicine H-8 Islamabad
  • Teaching and Learning Experience
  • Lab Demonstrations to bioinformatics batches.
  • Presentations on manual bioinformatics learning
  • Co-supervised BS-Final projects.
  • Lecturership (Honorary) International Islamic University Islamabad

     Course Title: Phylogenetics
  • Latest theories on evolution for Phylogenetic analysis
  • Introduction to Problem Based Learning
  • Meaningful learning and semantic networks introducing conceptual maps.
  • Lab tutorials on phylogenies.
  • Online testing of student’s intellect.

  • Maintaining and enforcing discipline in the working place.
  • Strategically targeting sporting and educational events for the enhancements of student’s capabilities.
  • Overall coordination between all the wings of institute.