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About Department

NUST launched the Center for Energy Systems (CES) early this year to provide a pivot to its Institutions involved in energy sector programs and to support and consolidate the various activities/projects, which make good sense for scalable and sustainable operations with a view to contribute to industry and national economy in times of energy crisis.

In very short span of time, it has grown up with Faculty, which is trained from all over the globe in diversified areas such as Biofuels, Thin film fuel cells, Clean Coal Technologies, Wind and Power Engineering and the like. Currently, it is offering two years program in MS Energy Systems Engineering with competitive admission requirements. Students with various Undergraduate degree backgrounds in Engineering and sciences had initiated their first semester from September, 2012. Centre has close collaborations with other NUST Schools such as SCME, SMME, IESE etc. In addition, Centre has signed MoUs with various industries such as PSO, ICI and FFCL etc., from which the students and Industry will equally benefit. CES has established strong collaborations with Overseas Companies such as NRG Biofuels Inc., Calgary Canada. Centre has applied for various kinds of research grants such as HEC, MoST, PSF and International Donor agencies for establishing research infrastructure and carrying out research for commercial aspects.  ​