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USAID-HEC Sponsored Centre for Advanced Studies.

   Program Obejctives

  • Raise the level of Graduate training Programs to International level.
  • Encourage Research and Development.
  • Groom effective Managers and future leaders.
  • Formulate national economic development strategy. 
    Expected outcomes
  • 250 degrees awarded per center
  • 200 CAS staff faculty or student participating to the exchanges in the US.
  • At least half the graduates from each centre employed in the private sector.
  • Training of economically disadvantaged students from urban, semi urban and rural areas.
  • 50 applied research projects conducted by each centre.
  • 50 internships with the private sector at each centre for advanced studies.
  • Establishment of public-private partnership and/or GDAs.
  • Generation of funding by each centre from non-government and non-donor resources.
  • Establishment of professional certification degrees.
  • Upgraded and innovative labortory and library facilities.
  • Each centre will have specialized research facilities including the use of innovative technology.
    Invitations for Research Collaboration in Energy Sector
    A group of expert researchers at CES-NUST has been engaged in renewable energy production from different feedstock and are highly interested to invite researchers/students from all over Pakistan for scientific collaboration to address environmental and energy challenges collectively.The purpose of this invitation is to create strong partnership among the Universities of Pakistan for collaborative research projects for management of existing and future energy crisis in the Pakistan specifically and in the world generally.
    Our planet is facing great challenges like depletion of fossil fuels and irreversible climatic damages which are expected to be multiplied many folds in coming decades. Existing and expected repercussions of these challenges have compelled the scientific community to join their hands for development of renewable and sustainable energy systems to secure the future of our succeeding generations in context of mounting energy wants.
    CES-NUST is sending invitations to the researchers of different Universities in Pakistan for collaborative research projects using existing infra-structure at NUST to facilitate the possible research activities in the energy sector. CES-NUST will expedite collaborators by diminishing the barriers and complexities caused by lack of expertise in related fields, proposal writing, innovative ideas,and unavailability of instruments. The proposed joint ventures will promote research visions and would accelerate innovative efforts to benefit Pakistan for encountering energy crisis. Participation from your University as a collaborative researcher (principal investigator/co-investigator/students) will be highly valued.
    In nutshell, we bid researchers from Universities to collaborate in research projects as principal/co-investigators, and funding will be shared with collaborative labs/institutes for mutual benefits. We will write collaborative projects for national/foreign funding using available expertise. CES-NUST will provide expertise, technology awareness and all required supervision as per criteria required for the proposed research projects.Findings, intellectual property rights and publications will be shared mutually among collaborators.
    Currently, we are looking for researchers/students who are interested to work in the ensuing areas of energy which includes Bio Energy; Biofuel, Biogas from different feedstock, Solar Energy and Geothermal Energy etc.
    Do not hesitate to write me if you need any further explanation.

    Note: Researchers/students can write their topic of interest, we will guide them for the rest of the procedures.

    Principal CES-NUST
    Dr. Mohammad Bilal Khan T.I.,
    Contact person:
    Dr. Ehsan Ali
    Associate Professor
    Centre for Energy Systems (CES)
    National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).
    Islamabad Pakistan.
    Ph. 051-90855101
    Mob. 0313-5520950

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